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Parcel and parcel post - the most common way to get purchases from the Internet.
This method is more suitable for long distances.
Not always the delivery is convenient at the online store, and once it is not at all for example for Russia.
In such cases, there are services that deliver the goods.

Деловые Линии

The transport company provides freight transportation.

Carriage of goods by road and air transport, trucking groupage cargoes - order online.

The cost is easy to quickly calculate on the site, and if you are satisfied, you can register and make an application.

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You can send a parcel to Peter, Moscow or Russia, or move. You can pick up the car from the fleet.
When moving can help with loading.

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Delivery of parcels in 1-3 days across Russia.Up to 5 kg - 100 rub.

Courier delivery from door to door in 1-2 days.Up to 5 kg from 129 rub.
Express delivery from 149 rub.

Prices may change.

Covered payment.
Come to the Sberbank office with the parcel - for the parcel or wait for the courier.
Tracking parcels.

How it works

  1. Register and make your parcel online.
  2. Please enter your phone number, fill in the parcel details and receive a tracking number form.
  3. Pack the package at home or at Sberbank office (packaging is free).
  4. Come to the Sberbank office with the parcel or wait for the courier.
  5. Tell an employee the parcel number.
  6. Trace the status of the parcel until it is delivered to the recipient.
  7. You can receive the parcel at the post office or at the pick-up point throughout Russia.


Delivery of parcels and cargo.

Every day, 46,000 experts deliver over 3 million parcels to more than 230 countries around the world.

2nd largest parcel delivery network in Europe and the CIS.

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Perevozka 24

Search for machinery: rent and sale, transportation of goods.

Here are the owners of special equipment and trucks. Convenient functionality allows you to find the nearest equipment and negotiate with the owner directly.

The meeting place for vehicle owners and those who need special equipment rental and transportation services. Thanks to the service, the owners of special equipment will be able to reduce downtime, and customers will quickly find the closest equipment in their city at a favorable price.

The main mission of the service is to create a reliable tool for the interaction of owners of equipment with customers directly without intermediaries and dispatchers.

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The parcel is delivery of goods from the USA to Russia, Ukraine ...
In fact, it is not cheap, but you can count the website how much it costs, knowing the weight and your goods.
But once it's better Pay for a good product and get a reliable service than cheap and angry.


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