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What where When

Where to go

Where to go - so far only in Moscow.
On Internet there are many resources that will prompt how to culturefully spend the weekend.
Most likely, it will be proposals to watch another film or visit another exhibition. But in Moscow there are a lot of opportunities to relax exciting and fun.

The site consists of two main parts:

  1. Event poster - about upcoming events, poorly lit by other sites, but no less interesting,
  2. ideas for recreation - what can you do in your spare time, then for a long time and with a positive Remember this.
If you do not have time to buy tickets, for example in IMAX, fill out the form and they will bring you.


An artificial intelligence specialist created a recommendation system.
The system will help you choose an interesting leisure for the evening.

Artificial intelligence is currently working in the following areas:

  • art
  • music,
  • movie,
  • literature.
Understandably, before it will be necessary to share with the system our tastes and preferences, that we like to listen, watch ...

The system, like Yandex.Music, studies and compares users with similar tastes and preferences.