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address: Russia


A social network that will help to create a genealogical family tree.
The tree editor will be intuitive for you and your relatives.
With the help of the editor, you will be able to create a branch tree that displays your family tree in a detailed, accessible and visualized way.

Family photo album

General family photos bring people together at a distance. Mark the album as a "family photo album" and relatives can view it in the "Family photo albums" column in the "Photos" section.

FamilySpace will help you find your family and classmates, school friends, favorite teachers and teachers.

address: Iceland


Genealogical database for all Icelanders.
No country has one.
The reason is that the country is young and small. They do not have names, but only a middle name, which simplifies the finding of parents.

The service is popular for those who enter into marriage to make sure that the chosen one is a close relative.
You can also find out what kind of relationship the person is in relation to the president or the star.

Russian - Englesh
address: USA


Family social network.

Here are some functions:

  • downloading photos with the ability to view them by relatives, they will simply appear in the relatives account, without their participation;
  • the ability to tag photos with tags;
  • Calendar of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other family events;
  • adding family friends as "family tree friends";
  • exporting files in the standard Gedcom genealogy description format;
  • the merging of family trees;
  • internal messaging system

Anniversaries and birthdays, play a unifying role, become part of family life.



Genealogical family social network.
Here it is possible to add not friends, but relatives, that allows to make a genealogical tree and see connection.

In addition, it is a normal social network, it is convenient to announce and prepare weddings, anniversaries.
Participants can create their own family websites, share photos and videos, organize family celebrations, create family trees and look for ancestors.

With over 71 million users, MyHeritage is a leader in social media and genealogy.

It will be interesting to see old photos, stories, historical documents and ...

DNA genealogy

Genetic testing service. DNA results are obtained from home test kits that allow users to use cheek swabs to collect samples. The results provide DNA comparison and ethnicity assessment.

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