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The publication for young mothers is a logical continuation of the popular magazine about pregnancy and childbirth "9 months", but focused on those who have already experienced the incomparable happiness of motherhood, managed to press the long-awaited baby to the breast, saw his first steps, heard the first word .

At all times a great responsibility for the health and development of the child fell on my mother's shoulders. Modern mothers are no exception.
And despite the fact that they have at their disposal all the achievements of science and medicine, information remains the most valuable. Of course, today it does not have to be collected in grains, as it was even 20 years ago.
But this is both a plus and a minus the achievements of civilization.
How out of the abundance of recommendations and advice that can be found in abundance on the Internet, books, heard on TV, choose those that suit your child?
When is it time to inject supplements, inoculate, learn to read?
Where to get competent answers to questions related to children's health, nutrition or development that do not give rest to my mother? "Mom and Baby" will not leave you alone with your problems!
Professional doctors, teachers, child psychologists will help to deal with the fact that the young mother cares about the newborn crumbs, who are just beginning to get acquainted with the outside world, and the five-year-old tomboy - curious and omnipresent.

Fortunately, mom's life does not consist of problems and questions alone. Personal time is a privilege, though short-lived, but no less bright from it. "Mom and Baby" will be your help in matters of free time.
How to take care of your health after giving birth, to remain beautiful, despite the cares for the child, what creative activities to diversify your life and where to go with your whole family on weekends - you will find all this on the pages of the magazine.

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А project of SUP media.
A project for parents with an active lifestyle. Information on all aspects of life with children - education and upbringing, psychology and health, style and leisure, legal and acute social issues
A website with useful articles and services that help parents quickly find answers to questions, expert advice on an exciting topic.
The recommendations of leading pediatricians, psychologists, educators and lawyers and the experience of other parents are combined under one project.
Theory and Practice in One Flag. ONET
How often we say. "I am sorry that, because of employment I can not devote more time and attention to their children»
Face the children.


The site for current and future parents will help answer the most popular children's question: “What are we going to do?”.

We offer the most interesting new children's products and toys, holidays and events that will surely please not only your children, but you as well.

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Site for parents.

About pregnancy, about children, about school, workshops, about health, psychology, forum.

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Our children - the meaning of life, our continuation, our hope. This is exactly what makes such knowledge of how babies should develop, what age deviations are, and when it is necessary to start worrying and calling for the help of professional doctors so important.

Here we collect the maximum information about the development of children, the answers to the most important questions about children: how to properly care for a child, how to treat for those diseases that await him on his life, how to raise and feed children at different ages.

About baby

The most important event in life is the birth of a child. Everything is changing: lifestyle, priorities and even interests. Together with the crumb, every day is filled with previously unknown meaning, and life becomes more exciting and more touching.

All the authors of the site not only received appropriate training, but also decided in practice many questions of interest to parents.

Medical Center "Health" answers questions from visitors.