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Simply put, the image code that can be inserted into text or into a CSS file without linking the image to the page will all go in one file, which is easier to load.
Especially when you have many small pictures, this way will help to facilitate Download.
I also had a problem in the Android application to add a picture to the database. Adding this code to the database line instead of the image worked fine.

Converters for web developers

  1. design215.com/toolbox/translator/tra - ASP Translator - Converts ASP to PHP. Registration is required.
  2. developers.evrsoft.com/tools-html2sc - HTML To JS/PHP/Perl - Converts HTML to JavaScript or PHP.
  3. ult-tex.net/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cg - HTML to Perl - Converts HTML to Perl.
  4. motobit.com/util/binary-file-to-sql- - Binary to Hexstring Encoding - Generates SQL queries.
  5. accessify.com/tools-and-wizards/deve - Response.Right - Converts Text/HTML to PHP, ASP (VBScript and JavaScript), and JSP.
  6. area23.brightbyte.de/csv2wp.php - CSV Converter - Converts tables: CSV to HTML or WikiMedia format.
  7. yellowpipe.com/yis/tools/HTML_conver - HTML Converter - Converts HTML to PHP, JavaScript or ASP.
  8. howtocreate.co.uk/tutorials/jsexampl - Text to JavaScript

Free online file converter

Free file converter of many formats. Powerful and convenient.
Choose Photos, Audio, Video, Archive, Document or e-book.
We choose a certain format in which you would like to format it.
We fall on a page where you can download our file and make additional settings if you want.
Click Convert file and after a while we get the result. You will have to wait, depending on the size of the file. I tried with the picture, so I did not have to wait.

iTunes Android


Converter from all formats.
You can specify a file on your computer, or you can give it a link on Internet.


PDF to HTML Converter

Free online PDF to HTML conversion. Convert PDF to HTML in 2 steps.

html 2 PDF

Converting a Web page in PDF format