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Creators of the modules

Modules BibleQuote in UTF-8 | Create jBible on Java (for mobile) from modules

Description of the module format for BibleQuote from the Bible

Programs to help module creators + Quotation documentation

Freeware - for comparing the versions of modules - for processing HTML code with macros and great search/replaceability - for processing UTF-8 modules. - utilities From Oleg Doroshenko. Automatic compilation of dictionaries and ini-files.
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How to connect audio files to the Bible Quotation (in Russian)
Language code wikipedia

Modules for BibleQuote

Official page with modules from authors.
So, as an open source program, then anyone can add modules, which means there is no such place where absolutely all modules are collected.
But this place is the largest number of modules.

Open source

The program itself is a shell in which you can add all kinds of modules:
  • Bible translations,
  • books,
  • dictionaries,
  • exercises and reference books ...


The utility for installing modules into the program is Download from us.

The module creation utility is Download from us.

Module Initialization Wizard

Independently determines the number of books in the future module, the title and number of chapters for each book. It is better to place the "Quotes" in the root directory.
It is necessary to have the library MSVBVM60.dll in WINDOWS \ SYSTEM, which is in the archive; Random access to the indexed books of the module; Additionally, it generates a table of contents for use in the browser. Version 1.58: + additionally creates a module/copyright information file; Accelerated input of any tags in the table of contents and copyright; Optionally inserts a link to the table of contents in the module's books (with this option, be careful: failures were not observed, but a backup copy of the folder is better done ...).

Download from us