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Fairy tales

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Deti online

Audio Fairy Tales

The most popular and well-known audio fairy for children from 2 to 15 years.


The songs are placed along with the text, notes and backing tracks for karaoke. The most famous and loved by children tunes.

Coloring Pages

In the section with coloring pages are placed high quality images, strictly relevant to the subject.


Presented tales, stories and stories of world authors who should definitely read the child.


A collection of poems from the best children's poets. Thematic poems for lessons, matinees, holidays in kindergarten and school.


The section with riddles from "Kids Online" with a convenient division into categories. There are a lot of puzzles on various topics.

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Read the poems of the classics poets.

A huge base, collections of poems by famous Russian and foreign poets of the classics.

The site also presents fairy tales for children of different ages, everyday, modern ...

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Catalog audioskazok online

The catalog of audio auditions online.
If anyone remembers, before there were many fairy tales on the records, which were read by famous artists. Today there is no such thing. So I decided to translate the tales into digital format and put it out for listening online.

Immediately make a reservation, the design of the site is very old. But the site is functional and we are interested in content.
But we are interested in content, so the design is in 2nd place.

The site is integrated with the online animation project, so if you say Alice in Wonderland, and she has a cartoon version, you will The link 'See cartoon Alice in Wonderland' is offered.

Naturally you will be told which artists are reading a fairy tale, so as not to guess, though do not indicate who is playing whom.

The database contains

At the time of this writing,
  • The number of audio books in the directory: 821
  • The volume of the audio database: 27.95 GB
  • Total audio duration: 17 days. 13:18:22
  • Number of audible music plays: 4830303

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Vse skazki

A fairy tale is usually the first instructive story in the life of any child.

Here you will find all the best fairy tales online, for children of all ages.

In the base of the site there are only the best and most popular stories that everyone will like, starting with the youngest readers and ending with adults.