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Selection of rhyme online

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Nonprofit, socially oriented project.
Assistant poet - selection of rhyme online.
Best of the presented.

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A joke from Yandex.
Yandex selects from the search queries the appropriate lines for alternating percussion and unstressed syllables determines the line's verse size and adjusts rhymes.

In addition, Yandex himself can read verse.


maple leaves coloring
stubborn women weasels
poem Yesenin
a cloak warm autumn
a harmonious cheerful dance


reliable site

Owner: STANDS4 Network

address: USA


A unique online rhyming dictionary that contains a huge collection of rhyme entries for almost any given word in English divided by senses.

address: Russia

Poems for people

To find a rhyme for a word is an art, and for a real poet the process of finding a rhyme for a word takes a fairly long time.

For a long time attempts were made to automate the process of searching for a poetic rhyme.
And if there are a lot of foreign services now, but as for the Russian language - there are problems due to its complexity.

There are many rhyme selection programs in RuNet.
Most of them work on the basis of dictionaries. On the one hand - this is a plus, since it covers the vast majority of words.
On the other hand - most of the words found can hardly be used in the context of the poem.

The site made a rhyme generator based on a bit of another algorithm.
The search for rhyme is based on real poems, only those words that are really used by poets in poems are examined.

Therefore, a small number of words are produced.


Selection of rhymes

  • Enter a word that needs a rhyme, no longer than 150 characters.
    It is important not to use the letter E instead of E - otherwise the rhyme for the word will be chosen incorrectly.
  • Click "start".
  • We are waiting for the result.
The robot will select the most successful rhymes from the base, which is composed of poems of classical classics and modern poets.

Pay attention to the stress, the robot does not always understand it correctly.


Selects continuations for 2 verse lines.
Only Russian text!

Verse Size

Calculation of the poetic size of 12 lines.
Only Russian text!

address: Russia
The dictionary is made for poets, songwriters and literary men.
For the selection of rhymes and words in the preparation of advertising slogans and the invention of poems and songs.

There are about 1,600,000 words and letters, often the most unusual and strange ones.
The goal is not a ready-made tip, but helping the author at a difficult moment to move from the dead point by finding unexpected words and associations.


Online dictionary of rhyme.

address: Russia
Rhyme online.
Introduce the word and you are given dozens of options.
Easy simple website.

address: Russia

Sometimes it is necessary to write a verse, but inspiration does not always allow rhymes to be chosen for words.
There is a solution for this problem.
Just use the form to search for rhymes on the site.

Enter the word, click on the button and get a bunch of rhymes to it, the most suitable of which is at the top of the list.

address: Russia


The rhyme is online.

Log in and you will see, everything is simple and clear. Entered the words into the search and got a rhyme, though it does not happen to get stressed. Still, if you have entered a few words, the rhyme will be selected for the latter.

  1. Rhymes are only for the Russian language;
  2. Search only works for one word;
  3. The letters u and d differ;
  4. The character register does not differ.