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The author is Vladimir Yakovlev, a Bible teacher.

At first, I did not want to indicate authorship, because I thought it was not modest.
But in the air hung the question of trust in the correctness of information, which is impossible with anonymity.

Of course, measures can not be ideally translated into a metric system and there must always be an error tolerance. For example, today potatoes can be bought in kilograms, and can be buckets or sacks. Buckets and bags do not have the ideal equivalent in kilograms.

  In addition, I give below a list of used literature, so that you do not do double work. If you have an additional source of relevant information.

For a long time there was a need for a biblical reference book and this site is the beginning. Perhaps, then it will change, but one thing is certain - it will not look like other biblical reference books. I just post here my material, which has already been used to create a series of exercises for Bible schools Murmansk region, as well as in the biblical directory "Always at hand."

There was a need to have some material next to each other, but it is impossible to always wear full-fledged encyclopedias and dictionaries. So the biblical directory "Always at hand" was created. A compact and informative guide for pastors and preachers.

Since the site is not limited in size, as a guide "Always at hand", now the material is being selected and the form of the site is being developed.