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Help with the brandbook section

(Portable Document Format)
To view, you need the program PDF reader, for example, a free-of-charge Adobe Reader. Most likely you have it.
Detailed developed directory of corporate identity.
First a logo is created, it is affirmed and based on it a corporate style is created: colors, design elements. It is known that it is necessary to create and advertise the logo because it is remembered for repeated repetition. If there is no specific style, it will make learning difficult. Therefore, this kind of personal standards are being developed.

The brandbuilder specifies the options for writing a logo. For example: a color and black and white version, colors when writing on a light background and color when writing on a dark background, vertical and horizontal options. Thus, if you need to use the logo in different places, recognizability will remain.
Branded colors are defined, not approximately, but their code is indicated.
The possible variants of incorrect writing are also indicated to avoid mistakes.

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In this section, you can download Brandbooks from various companies.
For the most part, brandbooks are new, but not all, some firms do not even exist anymore.
They are given above all for example to those who create or plan to create their own brand book.

Therefore, brandbooks are presented in different languages to see the difference and the general trend.


All brandbooks are offered in .PDF format.