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There is a multitude of and depending on the classification of the shipment and the duty paid. The fact is that you enter the property of the cargo only after paying the fee, and until you pay it, the cargo belongs to the sender and can be returned to him. And in case of refusal to accept a refund, the cargo passes into the ownership of the state in whose territory it is located. As for the check that confirms the cost of the computer purchased at the auction, the seller must indicate the price of the shipment while forwarding and even better insure the shipment.

When sending goods in international postal items, the total value of which in equivalent terms does not exceed $100 inclusive, they are issued without payment of customs duties and taxes. In case of receipt by an individual of goods sent in international postal items, the total value of which in equivalent terms exceeds $100, the single rate of customs duties and taxes at a rate of 30 percent of the customs value of these goods shall be applied in respect of such excess.
The reply uses Government Resolution No. 783 of 10 July 1999 on the movement of goods by individuals through the customs border of the Russian Federation.

And here's another addition to the customs - sent him Soshkin Sergey Yurievich (thank you!). The bottom line is simple: when you make a payment to the seller there for a product bought at a cheap price, then there necessarily remain "footprints" Payment. For example, a certificate from the bank (if the payment was through the bank from your card or other account), etc. In any case - whether you pay through a plastic card, Western Union or something else - you can stock up here with a document or a certificate in Russian (any organization that conducts a payment must give you such a certificate - ask!) About the fact and purpose of your payment. Such a Russian-language reference plus reinforced with any help or checks from the seller should solve all possible questions at customs about the price of the goods.
 Thus, the laptop you purchased for $100 - it is in so much and will be evaluated at customs and will cost you no additional fees.

Order of the Customs Committee No. 815 of November 24, 1999 AD

 "3.5 The customs value of imported goods specified in paragraph 3.4 of this Regulation shall be declared by an individual transporting goods in the manner prescribed by regulatory acts of the State Customs Committee Russia, Depending on the chosen order of customs clearance.In order to confirm the declared value, the person submits to the customs body documents (invoices, checks, certificates, etc.).

  • The customs authority has the right to decide on the correctness of the declared customs value of goods declared by a person.
  • In the absence of documents confirming the correctness of the determination of the customs value declared by the person or if there are grounds to believe that the declared value is not reliable, the customs authority can independently determine the customs value of the imported goods on the basis of data indicated in the catalogs of foreign firms that carry out retail Sale of goods, or other price information available to the customs authority in respect of such goods.
  • When using the specified price information, the customs authority can make its adjustment depending on the quality of the imported goods, its reputation in the market, country of origin, manufacturing time and other factors affecting the price of the goods.
  • If a person disagrees with the decision of the customs authority regarding the determination of the customs value of goods, this decision may be appealed in accordance with Section XIII of the Customs Code of the Russian Federation. When examining a complaint, a superior official of a customs authority or a higher customs body has the right to appoint an expert examination. "