Penny auctions

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Penny auctions

Scandinavian auction or auction of a unique low rate
his is the kind of auction in which a product or service is put up for sale at a minimum cost. Bidders make bets with a fixed pitch. For each bet from the participant a certain fee is charged. The duration of the auction is set with their start, however, after each bet increases by the set amount. The winner is the participant who made the last bid.

For Russia, these auctions are quite new. But in Europe they are already quite popular.

The main disadvantage is essentially a gambling auction (excitement, nerves, money).

How can you distinguish an honest auction from a dummy?

  • openness of the organizers: presence of forum, chat of participants, feedback, indication of contact information about the organizer (office address, city phone, etc.)
  • the presence of a well thought-out interface and a beautiful (and necessarily qualitative) website design (the owner of the auction is quite a serious organization that can afford it, and not a front man of one or two people)
  • constantly implemented new ideas, promotions, any other changes, taking into account the wishes of users.
  • discussion on forums and thematic sites