How to disperse visitors

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How to disperse visitors

Possibly all and at once.

Mandatory Registration

There are sites with mandatory registration, where it is simply necessary: ​​social networks, forums, online stores, Google and Yandex services.
Not registration is required where necessary and where not necessary.

How do we like the phrase "Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text."
And here registration! Hooray, we like to register everywhere and everywhere.
And there are clever people who write: "If you want to fully use the site, you need to go through a simple and fascinating registration."
It's clear, we did not see anything more interesting.
And most importantly, why? Here everything is in a stupor.
We will not miss a single such site.

Key - keywords

Do not worry about the content, no unique information. Fill the site with unprocessed information from the Internet. Your task is to stuff the site with magic keywords, fill in meta tags (on which search engines do not pay attention). Increase more text.

In fact, the search engines primarily scan the content page. And meta tags either ignore or check for consistency with content.
If there is no match, then the site flew down.

Highlight everything!

All text must be highlighted.

If the word is not bold or italic it must be red or UPPERCASE or  bigger size, or all at ones. Other supposed to be green and blue don't forget  underline. I do not care that this is not a link, it is necessary to allocate.

And why are there so few means of allocation?


More flash

Oh, how beautiful!
We so like to go to the site and look at the whole flash.
Each time again and again one and too, never gets.
The more blinking, the more we like. Especially if it's not appropriate, but only solid effects.

And the best flash-saver. You go to the site, and there first a flash-saver. This is what we need from the and site, and with each.

You need a form for accounting, go in, bang - the screensaver is loaded. Booted, scrolled. Beauty! They looked - not that form. On another site - the screen saver loaded, scrolled. They looked - there is no form at all. On the 3rd - there is a form and there is no screen saver, what kind of site is this?

Animated Advertising

We all love it when to the site a lot of animated advertising.
The more one blinks, the richer, the better. It does not irritate anyone, We just look for such sites. The more they are loaded longer, which means we can extend the pleasure.

Well, tell me, who does not like it? - Everyone.


We love them especially. If we go to the site and we do not see the window blocking the site itself, we somehow feel uneasy. We like to look at all this, to press. We will come back to this site again and again.


Many windows come off

But how can you just press it all once, and to open many windows at once? We immediately put a bookmark on such a site.

Corners forgot!

It is necessary to stick ICQ-window (you know in the bottom corner it looks like a chat). It makes such a variety.

And more of these corners.



More advertising

The more advertising and the brighter it is, the more joyful we are. Mold it everywhere. Ideally, there should be only advertising.

Actually, this does not mean better anymore.
I tried to put the block of advertising from Google and the block from Yandex. The block from Yandex brought in additional revenue, but he "pulled the clicks" from Google. People choose where to click. Became less click on Google and the loss on Google exceeded profits on Yandex. In general, I began to earn less. I had to remove the Yandex block. Also removed advertising, which brought a small income. Less advertising, more quiet, more visitors will be.

Stated and graphic blocks from Google, in practice, revenue was lower than from contextual advertising.


As we like when copies are made.
One and the same material on all sites, just a dream.

Even if at least one social network, we so lack VK, we dream of registering in 150 other places and not get confused in all this. It's great that someone constantly makes a new social network. So exciting. Sorry forgot to register or did not understand why, or forgot the password. But all the same great.

In general, you need to go, see which sites are full and do the same.
And if something we did not find on the Internet, then such a website do not in any way be necessary.
Is it that we will be the first?
In no event!
It is necessary to be more modest.

Do not make navigation easy

People really like it when you can not take information, but find it. They will study your site until they find everything that is there.

My sarcasm is clear. The best cure for this is to use your site yourself, ask friends, relatives to use, and if something is not clear to them, you must match them.

Another tip - make a site map with direct links. So it's easier for the search engine to index your site. And it is more convenient for visitors.

Never update

Who needs these updates? It is much more pleasant to go and read already familiar text. These sites I want to visit every day.
It's been 2 years, but it's still there, great. I'll come back next year.


Have you noticed that in recent years the search for Google and Yandex has started to work correctly, produce less garbage and more than what we are looking for? So they have become smarter.

If you are using tricks to lure a person to the site, and there he has nothing to do, then he immediately leaves. And if all visitors to the site do not walk through the pages of the site, and leave within a minute, then the site is not real and it is either checked and banned, or to the very bottom.

Take care of the content, update regularly. Put reasonable advertising, non-intrusive.