SEO scammers

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SEO scammers

There are more crooks in this area than in any other.

Rules to recognize SEO rogues

- Advertising in bulk mailings (spam)

If the "expert" promotes himself by indecent methods, then he is not an expert. So he and you are not able to do a decent promotion, but only "black methods" to deceive the search engines. If you are comfortable with methods that deceive others, then do not be offended if the "expert" SEO deceives you. It's just a matter of time.

And to whom then will you complain? "I wanted to deceive Yandex, but deceived me?"
You chose to play these games yourself.

- Empty slogans

You will be offered the golden mountains.
"A place in the first 10-ke search engines. Guaranteed!" - no one will guarantee such a guarantee, except for the search engines themselves.
"Registration for 30,000 searchers" - so many search engines do not exist.

Or the client may have overstated requirements, for example, that his site is found in a litter by the word "goods". If you are promised this, then you are being fooled. Nobody can do that except Yandex. Pay to Yandex and it will be guaranteed to work.

- promises without looking

For example, we offer the service "Site Promotion", but we will not undertake to guarantee nothing by getting acquainted with your site. No one can unleash an empty site or an unsuccessful site. You can tense up and raise attendance, but settle on the first pages of Yandex ...

Let's be realistic, there are no miracles, there is good work. By the way, and getting acquainted with your site we can not guarantee much. The search engine algorithm is kept secret, otherwise many would be tuned in to it and the search engines would become nonfunctional and would change their algorithm again. That is, there will always be a secret here.

- do not say what they will do

See, we provide this service and therefore I am able to put this information to us to the site. We know what we will do and are ready to provide a detailed account of the work done. All this is verifiable. Our client can intervene in the process at any stage. We even encourage this, our goal is that our clients can independently develop their projects without being dependent on us.

- without us you can not do anything

You pay and your traffic quickly grew, stopped paying - fell. Just part of your money was bought traffic. Try to buy advertising from Yandex or Rambler, can it be cheaper?
Prichilnye firms that are able to provide such services necessarily have a site with a decent name, logo, design.
Once upon a time, rogues have such a website. You should check them in blacklists
If you were not engaged in promotion of a site, then:
  • you would lose a number of visitors,
  • you would be hard to find,
  • you would have no idea what to do for website development
All methods of promotion will help you quickly declare yourself and keep your visitors. This will primarily raise attendance - the main indicator. Make your website as effective as possible.