Address Book online

Address book

Contacts can be edited, emailed, added to a group, deleted, sorted, found and ...

Contact Group

If you often send emails to the same list of addresses, combine these contacts into a group.To send an email to a group of contacts, enter its name in the To" field when you write the email.

Import and Export Contacts

You can transfer your contacts from your email program to your address book by importing them.
Export comes in handy if you want to transfer your contacts to another mail service.Formats
  • vCard (Apple Address Book)
  • Outlook CSV
  • Google CSV

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The simplest address book.
The least amount of data, one format to export-import, no groups and lots of ads.

Fields in contact are few:

  • Name
  • last name
  • middle name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Note Box

Format for export-import


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