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Google Contacts

Google Mail allows you to work separately with contacts, you do not need to specifically enter the mail.
There is a separate interface.

The page "Contacts" you can import, store and view all important data about recipients.
In addition, here you can combine addresses into groups. Using groups allows you not to enter dozens of addresses when you need to send an email to several people at once, but just select a group once and send an email to all users who are a part of it.

Anyone missing?

Use tooltips to easily add email addresses of people you frequently email to your contact list.

Do you have duplicate contacts?

We can help you find and merge duplicate contacts.

Synchronize contacts with your phone

Google contacts can be synchronized with many mobile devices.
The default synchronization settings may vary from phone to phone.
Most phones synchronize with "My contacts" by default, but some phones may synchronize with other contact groups. Learn more about default contact groups and how to change groups...

Remember: synchronization is done in two ways.
Contacts deleted from the mobile device, are also deleted from the Google Account.

Mistakenly deleted contacts can be restored within 30 days.

Fields at the contact a lot, I will not even list.
Only for the name are 10 fields (prefix, name, name transcription, nickname, write as ...).
In addition to the number of fields of the list, there is a field Notes, where you can write anything.
But besides this you can create your own fields and name them, e.g. Working Time.

Ability to add a photo for a contact.

Export-import formats

  • vCard (Apple Address Book)
  • Outlook CSV
  • Google CSV

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