Weather on map

Weather on map

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Iris -
Elements Maps.

Seismic monitoring.
Seismic state of the earth in real time.
The more activity, the more red the color and the bigger the ring.

Yr -
Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Weather Yahoo -
Global weather services.

Just try, maybe you will like it, but they use the forecasts of the main world site

You can see the weather on the map from the service Mapbox.

Weather on the map.

Marine weather stations on the map.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Administration (NOAA) and the National Data Center for Buenos (NDBC) continuously receive information from numerous coastal stations and buoys located in different parts of the world.

Marine Stations measure the speed and direction of the wind, atmospheric pressure and air temperature, wave height, water temperature, etc. Clicking on the station marker, you can get this information for the selected region.

An application that displays maps of winds, precipitation and temperatures for the Czech Republic and the whole world, data from the most accurate numerical models of GFS, ICON and GEM.

An application that displays maps of winds, precipitation and temperatures for the Czech Republic and the whole world, data from the most accurate numerical models of GFS, ICON and GEM.

The application combines a classic weather forecast for a specific location with a map that shows the change in weather over a wider area. This allows you to see where the rain comes from or the wind blows. The uniqueness of the application lies in the large amount of data displayed. Looking through the weather, you will immediately find out the forecast of precipitation, wind speed, cloudiness, atmospheric pressure, snow cover and other meteorological data for different altitudes above sea level.

Wind Animation

The Ventusky application visualizes the weather in a very interesting way. Wind is displayed in the form of production lines, which demonstrate the continuous development of weather phenomena. Air currents on Earth are always in motion, their movements are displayed on the map. This makes obvious the interrelation of all atmospheric phenomena.

Weather Forecast

Detailed weather forecast for 10 days.

For the next three days, the weather forecast is scheduled for every hour. On other days you can see the forecast for every three hours. Users can also find out the time of sunrise and sunset in any geographic location.

Weather Models

Ventusky users receive data directly from numerical models that were used only by meteorologists just a few years ago. The application collects data from three numerical models. In addition to relatively well-known data from the American GFS model, it also presents data from the Canadian GEM model and the German ICON model, which has the highest resolution of weather forecasts for the whole world.

Arctic Bathymetry in Google Maps -
Nautical charts.

Bathymetry is engaged in mapping the topography of the seabed and measuring the depth of the ocean with the echo sounder. One of the main goals of bathymetry is the exploration of hydrocarbon deposits.

Ocean Mapping Group of the University of New Brunswick created this map with bathymetry for the north of Canada. The map shows many layers of bathymetric data for this area. The layers have different colors. Each color indicates the depth of the ocean according to the color scale in the upper right corner of the map.

Pogoda Turtella
Interactive weather map.

Interactive weather map.
The map allows you to see the temperature of the air and water at the resorts.
You can look at it by months.

The site uses the same database as

Rain alarm
Weather on the map.

Site of the State Meteorological Service.
Works in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands), Slovenia, Croatia, UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Iceland, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, The Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina.

The first thing a site does is determine your geographical location. However, you have the opportunity to specify the city manually.
There is a Russian language.

It shows the situation visually and lively in real time.

Weather on the map
Weather on the map.

Weather on the map across Russia.
A simple and intuitive website, a map for the entire page, nothing superfluous.

Elements Maps.

Fires map.
The SFMS system is an information service of operational monitoring of natural fires, developed by the Russian company ScanEx RDC.

The goal is to provide access to the result for everyone.
The project is focused on the unprepared user and on experts. As a basic component of the service, a technology based on the algorithm for automatic detection of fires on the "thermal" channels of satellite imagery MODIS is used (for more details, see the detection of fires according to MODIS data).
The monitoring area includes the entire territory of Russia, The territory of neighboring countries falling into the zone of visibility of the SCANEX network of receiving stations.

The main tasks of this service are the speed of reporting information on fires and its wide availability.
To this end, all data is laid out on the geoportal, which provides a convenient view of these data and related thematic information. Additional information includes: weather forecast, peatlands borders, borders of burnt out areas, borders of reserves and national parks.
Please contact us with suggestions, comments and wishes - we are open to negotiations and partnerships for the development of remote fire monitoring projects And early detection.
The strategic objective of our project is to further improve the detail and reliability of operational data and to create public monitoring tools, conducted by a wide range of users, based on satellite imagery and other sources of observations.

Weather on the map.

Maps of precipitation, cloudiness, temperature, winds.
The main and most accurate weather forecast.
It will be useful for tourists before visiting new places so as not to get to the rainy season for example.

World Weather
Weather service that provides its users with weather data in an easy-to-read and analyze form.

Weather service that provides its users with weather data in an easy-to-read and analyze form. The service was developed by a team of like-minded people who set a goal for themselves - to create a website that is as loyal and adaptable as possible to the interests of users.

Feature of the site - the ability for users to customize the appearance of the page depending on their preferences. Each visitor to the resource can leave only those blocks with information that are of interest to him personally, and disable those that, in his opinion, have no information value. Thus, the site pages load faster and, consequently, consume less Internet traffic. At the moment, our site is the only weather resource that provides such opportunities for its users.

Weather service uses its own data processing technologies provided by the resources:,,

World Weather
Water temperature on the map.

World Sea Temp -
Water temperature in the resorts of the world.

Water temperature in the resorts of the world.
Interactive map all over the world.

You can look at the water temperature for today or what it is basically, by months.

You can look at the interactive map or on the menu: resorts, countries, seas.

Yandex.Weather on map -
Weather on the map.

One can look at the weather situation in the region, the country or in the world at a glance.
Approach, delete and get a general or more detailed forecast.

Meteum technology compares traditional forecasts with weather stations. She sees repeated mistakes and uses MatrixNet's machine learning method to detect statistical patterns in them. So a set of rules is formed, allowing you to make a more accurate prediction.

Weather can be viewed at the current time, as well as the forecast for the selected date.

Yandex.Weather informer -
Widgets weather.

I like design, stylish, visual, nothing superfluous, only convenience, that's why I use it.
Gives out to Russia - 572 cities in the world - 230 countries, 2272 cities.
It's less than on Gismeteo.

Actual water temperature map.

Windy -
Webcam on the map.

Webcams around the world.
Here you can find a webcam around the world on a Google Maps map.
I must say that Google Maps uses this database.
There is a Russian language.


  • search for a webcam on a 3D map - Google Earth,
  • add webcam,
  • popular webcams,
  • new webcams,
  • search by tags,
  • webcams with video function, accelerated shooting - in a few seconds we will see this place throughout the day,
  • blog,
  • community,
  • there is an API, you can display webcams On your site,
  • or just the HTML webcam code, as you see below.

Multimaps -
Online maps for fishermen and yachtsmen.

Online maps for fishermen and yachtsmen.

How is it different from simple online maps and satellite imagery?

  • depth map
  • wind map
  • Ice conditions (for lovers of ice fishing).
Just borrowing, it becomes immediately clear that these are special cards, and not just Yandex maps.

What a weather
Long term prognosis.

On the site you can find out the exact weather forecast for the current moment, and also for the next three, five or seven days.

You can use one of the following methods - "advanced" (in the form of a timeline with a slider that can be moved to The right date and time) or classic (in the form of a familiar table with weather data).
What is the difference between the "advanced" method and the classical one?

In addition, you can find out the forecast for a few months in advance.

Waqi -
Ecological maps.

Chinese map of air pollution.
Map in English and Chinese. First of all, convenient information on China. Beijing, where this problem is particularly acute.
Also, quite detailed information on countries where information on air is available: Europe, The USA, Australia, India. Russia and Africa - information is missing or almost absent.

Ecological maps.

The map of the water of Russia.
The Google map is used. The purpose is to conduct ecological expeditions for the analysis of water quality and to provide open data for free. Simply if there is a number of clear water, people should know.
You can contact and you will check the floor.

Water Sensor
Warm water map.

Warm water map.
Interactive map, covers only the Black Sea. Temperature of the whole coast - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.

Data are taken from automatic buoy stations.

The map has links to webcams. It is possible to look in a mode of real time.

Weather Nomad -
Weather on the map.

Weather for a year on the map.
You can find the average temperature for April or May, maximum and minimum, wind strength, humidity, precipitation.
Filters, in Celsius or Fahrenheit. I could not find my city, but there is a lot of information on the area.

It will help tourists to choose the time of visiting distant places, so as not to get into a mess.

Wind Speed ​​Ranking -
The map shows the wind direction for Japan.

The map shows the direction of the wind across Japan.

Japan is on the islands, because there the wind is important. Often happens very strong.

Protected Planet -
Reserves on the map.

Reserves on Google's map.
There is no Russian language on the site, but the map has a Russian version.
The authority of the information is indicated by the fact that the service is supported by international organizations under the auspices of the UN UNEP, UNEP-WCMC, International Union for the Conservation of Nature ...

The service is supported by such companies as British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon mobil, Repsol, Statoil and many others ...

So it's not a one-day site with a database of questionable sources. On the contrary, we can be sure of the correctness of information and the development of the project. IABIN Import process

Elements Maps.

Earthquake map in real time.
The service is maintained by the US Geological Survey.

There is a time-based filtering.