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Learn English

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English with Marina Ozerova
English conversation course online.

English conversation course online.
The course is paid, but the channel on Youtube is free.

In any case, everyone teaches it. Nobody teaches on lectures at all.
Lectures are conducted as a robot, focusing on the average student. Something will be clear to you, something will be past.
This is why the lecture helps someone who is learning for themselves, not teaching.

This way I won't recommend a paid course here, it's not worth it. And from the video you can find something useful.

Memrise - memrise.com
We learn words.

Cards for learning about 200 languages.
Mobile version allows you to have always at hand.

MySpelling - myspelling.net
Site for people with basic knowledge of the language who want to improve their spelling.

Site for people with basic knowledge of the language who want to improve their spelling.
Available languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hebrew.

How it works

  1. The site offers a random word or phrase in your language,
  2. you are invited to translate and write in the language you are learning,
  3. A site may suggest a part of a word or sentence,
  4. We write and find out whether we are right or wrong.
There are 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult.

YouTube channel Pro English - youtube.com/channel/UCWihhVhYSjTOsSR
Analysis of all tasks EGE.

Learning words - twitter.com/eng_trainer
Twitter format allows easy and fast to get new words.

The downloaded dictionary.
The Twitter format allows you to quickly and easily get new words.

Conversational English Practice.

Conversational English simulator.
We talk with the robot.

It costs 39 rubles. in a day.

Omegle - omegle.com
Anonymous chat. Very simply, we enter and chat ...

Anonymous chat room.

How it works

  • Choose a language if English is not suitable.
  • Point out the topics so that all participants understand the essence of the conversation and can participate.
  • If you are in college, please provide an email, confirm and be able to communicate with other students (no one will see your email).
  • Click Text or Video. You can simply ignore all previous items.

The Punctuation Guide - thepunctuationguide.com
English punctuation guide.

English punctuation guide.
Site for those who speak English (because all interpretations are in English), but stumbles in punctuation.

The grammar here is all sorted out and conveniently structured to make it easier to understand.
Clear examples.

I especially liked the menu, it is not made of letters, but of punctuation marks, much more understandable. =)

44 online dictionaries, conjugation tables and multilingual phrases, bab.la will help you translate, learn and practice new languages easily.

44 online dictionaries, conjugation tables and multilingual phrases, bab.la will help you translate, learn and practice new languages easily.

Tips for learning English - youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFKp3jApY
Playlist on the channel of a girl who lives in America and knows four languages.

Education First - ef.ru
The mission is to overcome language, cultural and geographical barriers.

International Educational Center for English Language Training.
The mission is to overcome language, cultural and geographical barriers.
You can find where to study in Moscow, abroad or online.
Has more than 500 offices, 35 000 employees in 53 countries. For ~ 50 years have helped millions of people to learn English.

English language learning.

Learning English.
A site dedicated entirely to its study. Here you will find everything you need to improve and consolidate your knowledge of the language.

Forum; Theory; grammar; pronunciation; Lessonbooks; articles; Practice; reading; Topics; Anecdotes; Tongue Twisters; Proverbs; Texts of VOA; idioms; Tests; games; programs; Extra; Audiobooks; films

Effortless English - effortlessenglish.com
Podcasts in English.

MP3 audio lessons developed on the basis of the TPRS system, forum, community. The "Effortless English" method (Effortless - effortless, easy) uses the best world developments in the field of learning foreign languages ​​from the best experts.

The order of learning

  1. Listening to the Vocab, where the author reads the text, explains in detail the meaning of all new words and expressions. This makes listening easy. No need to stop recording. The texts themselves are quite original (for example, about a cat that weighs 117 kg!) Like all the explanations.
  2. Listening to Mini-Stories (Mini-Stories), where the author asks questions on the previously heard Story. They are interesting questions, the answers to which are unknown and require assumptions. For this, the author introduces new original data about the heroes of the story.
  3. If necessary, you can see the text version of the Stories.

EF Education First - efset.org/english-certificate/?lang=
Official certificate EF SET for 50 minutes.

The official EF SET certificate is free for 50 minutes.
There is a quick check, in 15 minutes, without a certificate.

Nowadays, many learn English themselves, a little textbook, a little practice ...
Also it would be desirable to know the level, and if it high enough, it would be desirable to have what-string a certificate.

At the end of the test, you will also receive recommendations for improving the level of knowledge of English.

Situational English
Blogs - teach English.

We study English not in words, but in expressions and situations.
About 150 different articles.
The site is in Russian.
Everything is quite clear, clearly (navigating the site). The author is also active in groups:

Culips - culips.com
The material for studying English.

The material for studying English.
You can select a podcast by the level of difficulty of the pronounced text.

Those who have studied the language know how it can be useful to hear quality understandable speech in the language they are studying.

Quick English lessons, starting level.

Quick English lessons, starting level.

Amalgama lab
Learning English with the help of the lyrics, you can suggest your own translation.

Lingvo-laboratory Amalgam.
Learning English with lyrics, you can suggest your own translation.

English for Beginners
Learn English. Free online tutorial.

Free tutorial online.
Here everything is simple, concise dialogues with translation and audio.
In addition, a lot of material: tutorials, video, audio, programs.

In short, everything here is required for studying in English.

News in Levels - newsinlevels.com
Study English reading news.

News in English, a site for learning English in practice.

If you are learning English and tried to watch news on the BBC or CNN, it is possible that the spirit drooped when you saw the difference. Do not worry, you have already studied the basic grammar, have a certain vocabulary and are ready to move on to practice, which does not mean that you already speak the language.
There are different levels of language and the site is using it.

On the site each news has 3 levels (Levels), choose, try - read and listen. So start with the level where we understand something and move on. At the 3rd level, videos will be given not only speech, but also a picture.

English e-Reader - english-e-reader.net
E-books in English for language practice.

E-books in English for language practice.
The books are well structured. You can choose what you like and download in a suitable format.

Cambridge English
Test to determine the level of English.

Checking English is not an exam.
A simple free online test that will determine the most suitable Cambridge English exam for you.

Choose an adult test or test for students.
The test consists of 25 questions with answer options.
There is no time limit.

Blogs - teach English.

Online school "Ingleks"!

A lot of information about the language and around, well, the main activities, including Skype.

English by Skype
Practice English on Skype.

Learning English through Skype with native speakers.
A package of classes costs about 300 rubles. Duration of 5-20 lessons.
Payment in any branch of the Savings Bank, through an ATM using a VISA, in cash through the terminals of Eleksnet or with the help of ЮMoney.

The Mixxer - language-exchanges.org
Free open non-profit website for language learners, hosted by Dickinson College, USA.

Open non-profit website for language learners, hosted by Dickinson College, USA.

Free virtual language exchange site using Skype.

The Mixxer is designed to connect language learners around the world so that everyone is both student and teacher. Signup for free to find a language partner. Help them practice your native language while they help you practice theirs.

The Mixxer is an entirely free non-profit website hosted by Dickinson College. The site is open to anyone looking to practice a with a native speaker in exchange for help with their own. Once registered, users can contact potential language exchange partners via live chat on the site. Members can practice speaking with the language partner via Skype or improve their writing by submitting a writing sample and asking for corrections from native speakers. Those using the writing function are asked to return the favor by correcting short samples in their native language.

Members are here to practice a language (this is an educational site, not a dating site), and everyone agrees to be respectful and courteous to all users at all times.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Japanese


Are you a professional teacher? If so, you can connect your students with native speakers via written posts or Skype during or after class hours Interested? Sign up then email at bryantt@dickinson.edu requesting teacher permissions.
Just to verify you're a teacher and not a spammer.

Hear Names.com - hearnames.com

How to pronounce the name correctly?
More than 10 thousand names and the same number of audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing these names aloud.
49 languages: English, Russian, ending with Bengali and the language of the African people s

WordSteps - wordsteps.com
Learn English.

A site for studying foreign words and maintaining the vocabulary of your vocabulary.

  1. 15 min. To study 20 foreign words daily
  2. Find the dictionaries you are interested in or create your own.
  3. Learn new words by any of 10 different exercises.
  4. Refresh in memory the words learned last time.


Invest 15 minutes a day, visiting us 3 times a week, and we will be able to learn at least 240 new foreign words in a month and about 3,000 words a year.

How much is this?

Knowing only 3.000 foreign words, you will know 85% of all words in books written in this language.
Knowing Only 2.000 foreign words, you will understand 95% all words used by native speakers of this language in their daily lives.

English for fools
Learn English.

The given resource is the author's Internet project of social orientation in the help to students of English.
The author of the project Ivan Zamoranov offers:

  • an original technique that contributes to the formation of sustainable language skills;
  • A compressed English grammar course for accelerated learning, as well as a
  • practical training program according to the methodology described.

No Excuse List - noexcuselist.com
Compilation of free online resources for learning new skills.

Compilation of free online resources for learning new skills.
If you ever wanted to learn something but didn't know where to start, now you have no excuse.
Lists are organized into categories, including Academics, Cooking, DIY, and Others.

Eslpod - eslpod.com
Podcasts in English.

Podcasts are in plain American. This is international English, which differs from what is taught in schools and universities.
They study British English in universities, the dialect spoken by the queen.

Podcasts are not artisanal, recorded through a microphone from a web camera. Obviously, a good microphone was used, a well-prepared text, a good announcer, who not only has a good diction, but also reads expressively, separating every word so that foreigners can understand it.

HiNative - hinative.com
We study foreign languages for free.

We learn foreign languages for free.

It is possible to send the text of your translation to a native speaker for verification.
When it may be important, especially if you need to write an important letter.

For example, you may ask, "How do I pronounce it in English? "What is the difference between these two words? "Do I have the correct pronunciation?"

You have to do something for others, look at and correct the text written by a foreigner in Russian.
And also help in the same way?

ManyThings.org - manythings.org
Blogs - teach English.

A very capacious site, even carriers use it.
You will be able to prepare for TESL/TEFL.
You can practice pronunciation of British or American English, idioms, Slang ....

The site itself is made in the old style, almost without design, but a decent base and well structured.

Talk 2 travel - talk2travel.com
The site helps in the beginning of learning a foreign language, when it is too early for you to switch to language practice.

The site helps in the beginning of learning a foreign language, when it is too early for you to switch to language practice.

In addition, the site has a dictionary of the most important words that can be conveniently memorized.These words are not many, but without them, in any case, can not do.


  1. Latvian,
  2. Russian,
  3. German,
  4. Italian,
  5. Polish,
  6. Turkish,
  7. Czech,
  8. Azerbaijani,
  9. Spanish,
  10. French,
  11. Lithuanian,
  12. Arabic,
  13. Greek,
  14. Portuguese,
  15. Swedish,
  16. Chinese.

Voice of America English News - learningenglish.voanews.com
Radiouroki English.

Special Voice of America radio project for English language learners.
The project was created as an experimental communication tool aimed at foreign listeners of the Voice of America - broadcasting in simplified English, more understandable for non-native speakers.
To date, the project is a set of tools for learning English, getting information about America, getting acquainted with various world news.

Forvo - forvo.com

The base of pronunciation. All the words of the world pronounced by the bearers.
Here you will find millions of words in all different languages, all with recorded pronunciations.

Tasks composed in a clever way.

These are not boring "3000 examples on addition", but fascinating quests, which children get knowledge and skills that are relevant for schooling in mathematics, logic, reading and English for children 5-10 years old.

Home English
English lessons for free.

English lessons

  • Free lessons
  • Dictionaries and translators
  • Biographies of celebrities
  • Proverbs and sayings
  • Dating
  • Poems
  • Tales
  • Bilingual books
  • Audiobooks
  • Books
  • Learn new words
  • Film Subtitles
  • Phrasebook
  • Tests
  • Parallel Texts
  • Tutorials and Tutorials
  • Idioms
  • Miscellaneous

Duolingo - duolingo.com
Learn English.

Duolingo - English and German for free, fee - Spanish, French.
Everyone understands that independent language learning is most effective. But there is a problem, very few people are able to discipline themselves. To do this, they go to courses, to school, which create a regime for you and enter into the process. Personally, I'm one of those people who teach myself, I just find something that fascinates me and it stimulates better courses. This principle is also chosen by this site - in all classes there is an element of the game, you score points so that they do not notice how they have already learned.

Howjsay - howjsay.com
Check the pronunciation of English words.

Check the pronunciation of English words.

Spell the words correctly using the world's leading dictionary of English pronunciation.
Over 150,000 articles. One-step access to fast loading clear sound.

Only pronunciation is given, not definitions.

Services and materials for learners of English.

Free online services

  1. Transcription and pronunciation of English words;
  2. creating personal dictionaries + simulator for memorizing words T-words;
  3. English cards for children with illustrated and spoken words;
  4. English grammar reference + online grammar tests.

TestYourVocab - testyourvocab.com
A 3-level vocabulary test of your vocabulary.

Part of an independent U.S.-Brazilian research project to measure vocabulary size by age and education and, in particular, to compare mother tongue learning with classroom language learning.

It functions with a quick three-part test:

  • a few words to determine the overall vocabulary level,
  • more words to determine the vocabulary level with greater accuracy,
  • a final (optional) survey to gather statistical information.
The site provides It can calculate the dictionary size from less than 100 words to more than 40,000 words.

YouGlish - youglish.com
Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation.

Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation.
With more than 40M tracks, YouGlish gives you fast, unbiased answers about how English is spoken by real people and in context.

Set a short sentence or a turn and listen to how it is used in speech.

Supported languages

English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese.

Lingualeo - lingualeo.com
Tutorials English.

English language online through movies, clips and audiobooks from native speakers.
At the moment there are 3,000,000 users.
There is a Russian version, the service is free, later there will be additional paid functions and a bonus system.

Lingvist - lingvist.com
Foreign Language for 200 hours.

Foreign language for 200 hours.
Learn English, French.
Plans: Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese.

The emphasis here is on a convenient automated interesting interface.

Useful English
Site of teachers of English in Moscow.

Site of teachers of English in Moscow.

Enough detailed material and understandable, because the authors answer questions with feedback.


British Council in Russia
Free open online courses.

Free open online courses.

Teaching for Success: The Classroom and the World

The free online course is designed for teachers of English, aimed at continuous professional development in their field.

Online course English for the Workplace

This course is designed for people who are learning English and want to develop language skills in order to ensure further career growth.

Online Course English in Early Childhood

This course will help you understand which methods of teaching English are best suited for preschoolers who are still learning their native language.

New English teaching practices

The course will help develop the skills and methods of practical work necessary for the continuing professional development of teachers of English.

Online course How to succeed in the Global Workplace

This free online course will prepare you for your first job and help you in the early stages of your career.

Understanding language: learning and teaching

Developed by the University of Southampton last year, it was taken by 120.00 people from all over the world.

Understanding IELTS: English Language Exam Technique

This online course is recommended for those who plan to take IELTS. At the same time, the tips and recommendations suggested in the course will be useful to anyone learning English.

Exploring English Language Course: Culture and Culture

Learn to speak English more confidently with the free online course Exploring English: Language and Culture.

Words - ulilab.com
Application for learning words of a foreign language.

Application for learning words of a foreign language.

More than 2 million users.

The application is perfect for people with any level of knowledge of the language from beginner to advanced.


  • 10 unique workouts, each training teaches a specific skill of the language being studied.
  • Examining ready-made word sets or adding your own.
  • Built-in dictionary with a convenient search.
  • Achievement system and detailed learning statistics.
  • Clever class reminders.
  • Pronunciation, usage examples, and pictures for each word.
  • Individual training program.
  • No internet access required.
Thematic blocks allow you to teach exactly those topics that are of interest to you now: people, food, transport, health, home, sports, nature, clothing, money, etc.


italki - italki.com
Learning foreign languages ​​on the social network.

The global language network.
There is a Russian version.
The goal is to contact a native speaker.

In addition to English, you can learn Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese, Hindi ... many languages.

Busuu - busuu.com
Community of learning languages.

Community of learning languages.

We study a foreign language giving it 10 minutes a day.

Courses in 12 languages ​

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese.

How it works

  1. The student chooses a language, and some selects a language.
  2. independently learn vocabulary and grammar lessons,
  3. Talking chat or speaking with native speakers in the community.
At the end of 2017, busuu has more than 80 million registered users.

Roskachestvo has identified busuu as the best application for learning English.


Film English - film-english.com
Learn English through movies.

A selection of shorts + lesson plans for them for all levels of study.
The last lesson, for example, is devoted to the British short film "Upside Down", nominated for this year's Oscar. To scroll through the movie, scroll down.

Film Education - filmeducation.org
Learn English through movies.

A lot of movies (choosing movies, which is important, there are films familiar to us.
We look and listen.

Ororo - ororo.tv
Learn English through movies.

The best Russian-language resource, where there are all serials and films with subtitles and the possibility of online translation.

English-Attack - english-attack.com
Learn English through movies.

The creators of the "English attack" saw young people from 13 to 25 as their target audience.
And so they decided to apply the principle of learning through entertainment. Most of the materials here are based on popular music videos, fragments from blockbusters and hit TV series, casual games. In addition, to create the necessary language environment, the functionality that is characteristic of social services is used: wiki, chat, friends lists, personal messages, etc.

Both the teachers and users participate in the content filling in the site. But, of course, we should remember that this service can not be considered as the main means of training, rather, it is a pleasant and useful addition to something more solid.

LearnEnglish Teens Entertainment - learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org
Learn English through movies.

Funny articles about movies and film reviews from the British Council.


BBC, Learning English - bbc.co.uk/learningenglish
Radiouroki English.

Teaching English for all of all countries.
To train speech recognition there is a wonderful rubric Words in News where you can listen to the news release and associate an audio version with a text version.

Words to remember are highlighted and repeated on a separate track. Grammar, vocabulary, English idiomatics, language tests and games, audio files for download to mobile devices - the site has everything a person needs, seriously tuned to tighten the language to a decent level. And even more: some of the material is aimed at teachers, there are plans for classes. For beginners, there is a Russian version of the site, but it is more modest.


Babbel - babbel.com
Babbel makes learning foreign language fun and effective.

Babbel makes learning a foreign language fascinating and effective.
Available languages for learning: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, English.

Linguists have developed intuitive courses that will help you learn practical communication skills from the very first lesson.

The lessons immerse you in a foreign culture, accompanying your language journey with the help of English hints, simple explanations and creative grammatical hints that reinforce fresh concepts.

The revolutionary 10-15 minute lessons and dynamic review sessions constantly adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, recreate old concepts and send your new language right into long-term memory.


Easy Language Exchange - easylanguageexchange.com
Relatively new resource for language exchange among foreigners. Now there are about 100,000 members, about 1,000 of them - the English-speaking media wishing to practice Russian.

Andy English Bot
Practice English: we learn words, grammar, we build phrases. Audio is the correct pronunciation.

English Direct
A team hodgepodge about everything that somehow concerns the English language.

Magic English
Short but cognitive lessons of English.

Grammar Checker
This bot is a rescue for people who are not very sure about their English. Using it, you can paraphrase the text, as well as find and correct grammatical errors.

Sends an audio file of the English word or phrase.

Hot Chicks
If "Slang Bang" shares unusual words and phrases from English, the channel, which perpetuated the famous phrase of the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko, also teaches them to use them correctly.

Slang Bang!
There is not a single expression from the textbook, and therefore it will be very useful to all those who want to develop exactly spoken English.

Bright Side
Interpretation of English words, expressions.

Everyday lessons of English.

Synthesizes text to speech and vice versa.

An excellent channel with a selection of English phrases and expressions on a variety of topics.

Your assistant in the world of English.

English, Baby!
The trick of this social network is that it was created for the British fans, and for fans of American English. Also, there is a thematic audio, grammar theory, the task to the TOEFL and even a special section for teachers of English.

Lang-8 - lang-8.com
Spell-checking by native speakers. You can find friends to improve your speaking skills.

HelloTalk - hellotalk.com
Another mobile application. There are more than 100 languages. You can find your friends on the geographical location - such as foreigners in their city.

Tandemapp - tandem.net
The network exists only in the form of a mobile application that makes communication even more convenient. At the moment, access English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

Speaky - speaky.com
A social network for learning languages and communicating with people from all over the world.

A social network for learning languages and communicating with people from all over the world.

You can communicate through text or voice - text chat, or via audio or video.
The site has a list of profiles and a messenger.

Supported Languages

  1. Afrikaans
  2. AkanTwi
  3. Albanian
  4. Amharic
  5. Arabic
  6. Armenian
  7. Azeri
  8. Basque
  9. Belarusian
  10. Bengali
  11. Berber
  12. Bosnian
  13. Bulgarian
  14. Burmese
  15. Catalan
  16. Cebuano
  17. Chinese
  18. Croatian
  19. Czech
  20. Danish
  21. Dutch
  22. Dzongkha
  23. English
  24. Esperanto
  25. Estonian
  26. Filipino
  27. Finnish
  28. French
  29. Galician
  30. Georgian
  31. German
  32. Greek
  33. Gujarati
  34. Haitian
  35. Hausa
  36. Hawaiian
  37. Hebrew
  38. Hindi
  39. Hmong
  40. Hungarian
  41. Icelandic
  42. Indonesian
  43. Irish
  44. Italian
  45. Japanese
  46. Javanese
  47. Kannada
  48. Kazakh
  49. Khmer
  50. Kinyarwanda
  51. Klingon
  52. Korean
  53. Kurdish
  54. Kyrgyz
  55. Lao
  56. Latin
  57. Latvian
  58. Lithuanian
  59. Luo
  60. Luxembourgish
  61. Macedonian
  62. Malagasy
  63. Malay
  64. Malayalam
  65. Maltese
  66. Maori
  67. Marathi
  68. Mongolian
  69. Nahuatl
  70. Nepali
  71. Norwegian
  72. Pashto
  73. Persian
  74. Polish
  75. Portuguese
  76. Punjabi
  77. Quechua
  78. Rohingya
  79. Romanian
  80. Russian
  81. Samoan
  82. Sanskrit
  83. Scottish
  84. Serbian
  85. Sindhi
  86. Sinhala
  87. Slovak
  88. Slovenian
  89. Somali
  90. Spanish
  91. Sudanese
  92. Swahili
  93. Swedish
  94. Tajik
  95. Tamil
  96. Tatar
  97. Telugu
  98. Thai
  99. Tibetan
  100. Turkish
  101. Turkmen
  102. Ukrainian
  103. Urdu
  104. Uyghur
  105. Uzbek
  106. Vietnamese
  107. Welsh
  108. Xhosa
  109. Yiddish
  110. Yoruba
  111. Yucatec-Maya
  112. Zhuang
  113. Zulu

Interpals - interpals.net

My Happy Planet - myhappyplanet.com
Another useful to find native speakers in other countries, as well as a good library of video lessons from the participants. You can replenish your own materials.

LingQ - lingq.com
Social Network is designed for people with any level of proficiency. The emphasis is not on grammar, and vocabulary and free communication.

Network of learners.
The teacher guides you, but other students can participate.

Available languages

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish and Japanese.

In group discussions, up to 4 pupils can participate with 1 teacher. You can also subscribe to the discussions at 1 to 1.

Discussions can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of participants. For example, 1 for 1 discussion lasts 15 minutes; And 2 for 1 - 30 minutes; And 3 for 1 - 45 minutes, etc. It is also possible to create a long discussion 1 to 1 to 1 hour or longer.


Free, $10, $39 or $79 per month, depending on the complexity of the selected course.

My Language Exchange - mylanguageexchange.com
Perfect service to search for a pen pal. By registering on the website, you describe their 'ideal partner for language':.. language, country, gender, age, interests, etc. and choose suitable.