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Application stores

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Botlist -
Stores for boats.

App Store for bots. Here are collected bots not only for one particular messenger.
They must be collected somewhere in one place.


  1. Android
  2. Email
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. iPhone
  5. Kik
  6. Slack
  7. SMS
  8. Telegram
  9. Web
  10. Skype
Here you can find the necessary bots, and then decide which messenger to use.
It's very practical when everything is in one place.

YouTube Musiс -
Google Play Music.

Cloud media player.
189 rubles a month for full access, if it is not clear what will be available, you can try a month for free.
However, it depends on the budget, if you are not determined to pay, do not try,

Over 18 million tracks, unlimited number of plays.
Create radio stations based on any track or artist.
Ability to skip tracks in a radio broadcast.
Recommendations based on your preferences.
Possibility to store up to 20 000 tracks from your own collection in the library.
nce download your favorite tracks on your smartphone or Android tablet.

Free storage of music

Add to Google Play to 20,000 songs from your own music collection with Music Manager. This simple application scans your iTunes library and other folders with music on your computer and replenishes your collection. If your collection contains tracks that are not available on Google Play, the app will download them to your library. After adding, you can immediately listen to music online or in the "Play Music" app.

Automatic sync

The Google Play audio library automatically syncs between all your devices. For example, by purchasing an album from a phone, you can immediately open it on your tablet, and adding a track from your computer - listen to it on your mobile device. Forget the wires forever and just enjoy your favorite music!

Share with friends

Have a cool track on Google Play? Share it with friends on Google+, and the first audition will be free for them. And the songs that they will let you listen to will be stored in the playlist "Share with me".


YouTube Musiс -

Few Russian music,
slightly more foreign music than on Yandex,
more expensive - 189 rubles. Per month.

Also allows you to download music, so Internet is not always needed, which is important for Russia.

Like Yandex, there is a radio accordin

YouTube Artists -
Sell ​​music.

Allows musicians to sell their songs directly.
Now Russian musicians can use this service.

Musicians can set prices for their music and determine the policy of its distribution, and listeners - enjoy your creativity on Android-devices anywhere in the world.


A one-time fee for creating an artist page is $25.

This allows you to add an unlimited number of tracks, create and edit albums, edit your page and perform all other operations at no additional cost.
The commission from the sale of music is 30%.

Google Play -
Google Play.

An online store with extensive features where you can download for free or buy:


Google Play Books -
Google Play Books.

Buying books.
Pre-ordering books.
Adding books to your wish list.

Reading books online or offline.


  • Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Web browsers
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Other e-book reader
Purchased books appear in my li

Huawei AppGallery -
Android apps store.

Store Android apps.
After banning the use of Google applications on the phones of Huawei, the Chinese created in the first place its analogue of Google Play.
Here you can download almost the same applications.

Talk about what's better, it's a little early. It is clear that the product Huawei is still raw.
Time will show.
Most likely, Huawei phones will use Huawei AppGallery, and the rest Google Play.

App Store -
iTunes Store Games.

The application store, an online supermarket section of the iTunes Store, containing various applications for iPhone mobile phones, iPod Touch players and iPad tablets and allowing them to buy, or download for free.

Mac App Store -
iTunes Store Games.

An online application store for Apple Macs.

Aptoide -
Independent Android app store.

Aptoide is the game-changing alternative Android app store.

With over 200 million users worldwide, over 6 billion downloads and 1 million apps, Aptoide gives a new meaning to the way we discover and install apps.

Through social collaboration, tailored recommendations and the opportunity to create and share your own store, Aptoide is revolutionizing app distribution.

Aptoide gives developers, OEMs, and telecommunication companies access to a fully customizable app store and a worldwide competitive revenue share model.

Alternative app store.

Alternative app store.
Магазин создан по госзаказазу на случай блокирования некоторых приложений в Google Play.
База скудная, но все приложения официальные и надежные.

An independent mobile app store.

Независимый магазин мобильных приложений от ВКонтакте.
Магазин создан по программе импортозамещения, чтобы отечественные приложения сделать гарантированно доступными и безопасными.
Все приложения проходят ручную модерацию и проверку с помощью Kaspersky.

Applications for Windows -
Applications for Windows - a store of Metro-applications for Windows.

Applications for Windows are Metro applications for Windows.
Metro features - it goes to a smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. What makes life easier for users. You can use the usual applications everywhere.

This site differs from Windows Phone Store in that there are applications for computers and tablets.


Google Play Games -
Google Play Games.

Online games store for Android, where they can be downloaded for free or purchased.


Google Play Movies & TV -

In Google Play you can find not only the latest blockbuster, but also the classics of cinema. Purchased or rented videos immediately appear in the 'My Movies' section, and you can watch them on any computer or mobile device.

You can watch the movie online or download it to your device, then open it in the application 'Google Play Movies,' even if you do not have Internet at hand.

Please note that offline browsing is only supported on mobile devices. You can not download videos to your computer.



Google Play -
Applications for Android.

Android applications.
On the site you can download applications on a smartphone or tablet with Android.

In addition to a simple search, rating system and feedback that help you choose the best application, you can register on the website through your Google account.
You can bind several smartphones to one account - just log in through Google Play via your Google account.

Then you can search for applications through the computer, press the install button and it will be installed on your smartphone or tablet when they are On Internet.
Besides, not every the application can work with all smartphones or Android version. If the application does not fit on your smartphone or tablet, the ability to download will not be active.

You can download the application in other places on Internet, even to find paid for free. But .... Then you will need to update manually. It's better to download via Google Play and then you will be informed about updates or do it automatically. By the way, the best applications are free, and the paid ones are not expensive.

Create applications

By the way, Google allows not only download and buy applications, but also create oneself. You can also earn by selling or on built-in advertising.


iTunes Store -
iTunes Store.

Online supermarket Apple: digital audio, video and games for Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod ...)
All music is available in AAC format.

  • Music
  • Films
  • Podcasts
  • Books


Apple Store -
Internet shopping company network Apple.

The network of online stores of Apple.
Not everyone has an Apple store in the city, and somehow it's more reliable to buy from the source.
Especially for this there is a Russian version of the site with prices in rubles, which emphasizes that now We can buy iPhone and stuff and we. There was no such opportunity before.


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Mac
  • speaker, hard drive, quadroopter ... All Apple products
I must say that here you buy only the latest models of products.
But you can buy any modification. IPhone classic and budget, iPad air and iPad mini ...
Let's say you want a white iPhone 64 Gb. Just go, choose, buy, get, use.


VAT has already been paid, and nothing is taken from you for shipping, if you look at the price, it becomes clear that you have already paid. Not cheap.

Cash payment on receipt only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Communication +7 800 333 5173 from 09:00 to 19:00 (Moscow time) from Monday to Friday (calls from Moscow at local rates, calls from other regions by long-distance tariff).