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logo Rating of the RF subjects in the number of Internet users

Rating of the RF subjects in the number of Internet users

You can visually see on the map and in figures the level of penetration of Internet in Russia by regions.

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logo Statista


The statistics portal.
Data collected by market and public opinion research institutes as well as data from the economic sector and official statistics in English, French, German and Spanish.

Over 1,000,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics from over 22,500 sources.
The company states that it covers 170 different industries.
According to Statista, the platform has over 1.5 million users and generates revenues of around 50 million euros.

It is one of the most successful statistical databases in the world.
In addition to statistics, Statista also provides data on market forecasts,

logo Alexa

reliable site

Owner: Amazon,


Runet Rating/Internet Ranking

Site Information

Enter the URL, for example. PH4.RU

Leading world ranking of sites.
In total there are more than 300 million websites in the world, Alexa gives out 1 million of the best. If the site was in Alexa, then it was in the percentage of the best sites.
And if it comes in 100,000, then it definitely has something to lose.

Alexa Internet is a subsidiary of, known for its website, Where statistics are collected about the attendance of other sites. Alexa collects the information directly from the users who installed the Alexa Toolbar, on the basis of which statistics are generated about site traffic and lists of related links. The company's headquarters are located in California, USA.

logo Yandex.Radar

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Яндекс,


Rating of Internet projects according to Yandex.

Yandex.Radar automatically allocates 10,000 of the largest Internet projects by the number of visitors from Russia.

Data Source

For calculations, we use generalized statistics of transitions to all sites with a Yandex.Metrica counter. This is the leading web analytics system in Russia, which has been operating since 2009 and as of August 2018, registers 78.88% of the traffic in the .ru domain zone. According to the analytical center W3Techs, Yandex.Metrica ranks third in the world in the number of domains on which its counter is installed.

However, Yandex.Metrika is not the only data source, but the most detailed.

In Russian
logo Yandex Research

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Яндекс,

Uses: Yandex.Maps.

phone.:8 800 800-11-67 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021

Yandex Research

Behavior and interests of users on Internet. Yandex studies and displays in an interesting and visual form.

logo Google Trends

reliable site

Owner: Google,

Google Trends

What is being requested all over the world via Google right now.

logo Global Trend Tracker

Global Trend Tracker

Broadcast search queries on the interactive globe in real time.

logo Internet Live Stats


Internet Live Stats

Live Internet statistics are an international team of developers, researchers and analysts.
The goal is to make available real-time statistical information for everyone.
I read on the site how they do it, but my education was not enough to understand this ... or they let the fog fall to hide the approximations of the scores.
Well, in fact, who provides all the information about everything in real time?
Here we just can observe the trend of something like this happening right now:

  1. the number of Internet users,
  2. the number of sites,
  3. the number of emails sent today,
  4. the number Of the requests for Google today,
  5. the number of tweets posted today,
  6. how many today watched the video today,
  7. how many images were downloaded on the instagram,
  8. the number of smartphones, tablets and computers sold today,
  9. Skype,
  10. Internet traffic for today,
  11. how much electricity is used today,
  12. as a result, how much is allocated today CO 2
Quite funny, for example, to my surprise, I learned that the tablet is sold more than computers.

logo Internet World Stats


Internet World Stats

Statistics on the distribution of Internet in 23 countries.
This is the only place where you can immediately learn about the number of Internet users on the planet, and about the state of the telecom in the Caribbean. All this is free of charge and without registration.

The service collects statistics from 1995, as can be seen from the design.

logo WebsiteOutlook



Evaluation of sites.
We introduce the url of a well-known site and find out how much it costs.

logo Be1




Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Website Promotion Tools

  1. Site Analysis
  2. Site audit
  3. Anti-plagiarism online
  4. Expansion of the semantic core
  5. Grouping search queries
  6. Evaluate page nausea
  7. Checking server headers
  8. Site Speed ​​Analysis
  9. Affiliated sites
  10. Check for filter spam
  11. Check sites for viruses
  12. Yandex X
  13. Verify site positions
  14. Determine page age
  15. Determining the site’s regionality
  16. Site cost estimate
  17. Get site subdomains
  18. Check domain splicing


  1. WHOIS
  2. Internet speed check
  3. Online password generator
  4. Counting the number of characters
  5. Online transliteration
  6. Visual HTML editor online
  7. Encryption in MD5 and SHA-1
  8. Antispam. Hiding text
  9. Favicon.ico generator
  10. Create HTML and CSS buttons
  11. Check and verify your IP

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