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The online platform for finding products from 300 online stores in electronic and home appliances catalogs, household goods, construction and repair, children's products and many others.We are looking for the most favorable prices.
Regular customers bonuses.

Through this site you can arrange the purchase and delivery of goods.

While working in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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Favorable orders of any goods from China through the application.

This is not a store, but an intermediary between the stores and the buyer, like AliExpress, I take from Sberbank and Yandex and others. also decided to get his piece of cake from online trading and created his service.

While the service is raw, not everything goes as stated.

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Онлайн торговая площадка товаров из Китая, Японии и Южной Кореи и их доставки в более чем 100 стран мира, включая Россию.

В России продаются товары от местных поставщиков.
Доставка из России платная, из Азии - бесплатная.

На 2-м месте по доставкам товаров из Китая в Россию.
Популярно среди пользователей сети ВКонтакте.

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Marketplace, over 14,000 sellers.
One of the most popular shopping places in Russia.

Buyer Protection Program

assumes an opportunity to receive compensation in the amount up to 10 000 rubles for buyers whose orders were paid but not sent by the seller.

It seems to be a good thing, but the site has a serious problem with the return of goods.
You may not have a good thing, you just want to return the goods without explaining anything.

This program protects only if you have not received the product.
And the product may have cost more.

However, it still works quite stable and reliable.


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