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At the beginning of the events, news resources became more popular in Ukraine.
Now the interest in information sites, like Wikipedia, has somewhat decreased.
There was an increase in interest in online shopping. Also, Chinese sites have risen, perhaps because they are increasingly becoming international.

  • 100 top of Internet -
  • Rating - most correct rating in RuNet, reflects the reality, this rating is not popular sites, but worthy

Leaders of Internet - 3 giants:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft

Leaders of RUnet:

  1. Yandex
  3. VK

Top 20 of Internet

This 20 was determined based on authoritative ratings and then processed.
Wrong data was removed -
   Double projects (for example,, ... just google is enough here,
  1. Google - - Search engine number one of the Internet and many unique services.
  2. YouTube - - main video-hosting of Internet from Google.
  3. Facebook - - main social network
  4. Baidu - - main chinese portal.
  5. Wikipedia - - Open World Encyclopedia built on Wiki.
  6. QQ - - chinese portal.
  7. Taobao - - Chinese online store.
  8. Yahoo! - - old search engine of Internet.
  9. Tmall - - chinese online store Alibaba Group.
  10. Amazon - - Online store number 1.
  11. Twitter - - main microblogging of Internet.
  12. Sohu - - Chinese portal: search, advertising, games, ...
  13. Live - - portal of Microsoft - mail, calendar, cloud ...
  14. - - online trading.
  15. Instagram - - photo sharing application and video.
  16. Weibo - - main social network China.
  17. Sina - - IM provider.
  18. VK - - main social network of RUNet.
  19. Reddit - - Links to news generated by users. Voting determines the news for the first page.
  20. Yandex - - main Russian search engine and many other unique services for RUnet (more).
  21. Blogspot - - blogosphere from Google.
  22. Netflix - - online cinema.
  23. Linkedin - - social network.

Top online

  1. - Microsoft Corporation - The official website for Microsoft and their products.
  2. - Adobe - Popular programs: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Photoshop ... For a computer browser, smart phone or online.
  3. - reddit - Social news site, users collect news from other sites that are considered important.
  4. - RIA News - The Russian News and Information Agency.
  5. - Baidu - Leading search engine and portal of China.
logo MSN (Microsoft Network)

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Microsoft,

MSN (Microsoft Network)

On this site are collected mainly news of gossip type.
This is not the yellow press (Microsoft still), but close. I would not trust everything.
Besides, this is not a news agency, but a news aggregator, looking for others, for not responding to reliability.

Windows Live

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Microsoft,

Online services from Microsotf: mail, cloud ...

logo Mozilla Foundation

official site
- Russian

Owner: Mozilla,

Mozilla Foundation

All Mozilla programs and the ability to integrate them.
Here you can choose what suits you (32 and 64 bits, or you can find very old versions that do almost the same job, but much easier and faster).

logo TopTenReviews


The name speaks for itself - reviews the top ten.
That is, the site reviews the leading online services, programs and applications, as well as a number of offline publications ...

Say, we want to choose a hosting or a program, but We do not need the best rating, but the one that has those functions that we need and we do not want to pay for the extra, for what we do not use.

Here you can visually compare and pick.

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