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Site Reliability

By and large, there is no such thing as a 100% reliable site, even if it's a Yandex or Google service.

Today, a large number of banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, airlines cease to exist ... Sites are not exceptions. It does not matter who is behind them.

Sites ceased to exist

  1. Narod -
  2. Blogosphere Yandex -
  3. Google Questions and Answers
  4. Orkut, Google's social network -
  5. Files -


There are global sites that seemed reliable, but they themselves "put out" to put it mildly:
  1. Myspace - was the leading social network and it seemed like forever -, now trying to be a musical social network.
  2. Rambler - was the main portal with the leading search engine in runet, the main mail, ICQ ... -
There are services that offer forever free hosting, paying only once. Unlimited hosting or cloud for a small price.
But someday there will come a day when they see that it has become economically impractical.
Then the price rises or the service stops operating.


Duplicate any services, ex. E-mail. Or have plan B (a plan of departure). If all your photos are only on VK, what will happen with them, if there is no VK?
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