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Internet review - Lite Web-master Graphics Games Freeware Time Christmas Bible
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RSS SEO Webmasters Promotion Registration


RSS SEO Webmasters Promotion Registration


Forms to the site

Registration in catalogs

Bulk registration

It is good to conduct mass registration in a variety of directories.
What will it give? You will be indexed faster by search engines, but this is inefficient.
There are programs that allow it to be done, they are all paid.

Purposeful registration

Register in the regional catalogs and catalogs of your subject. If your site is not for a wide audience, for example, you sell something and you need to collect a large attendance, and find a client. Yes, these kinds of sites and there can not be a lot of attendance. Because you have no chance of being in the top positions on Yandex, unless you buy direct advertising.
An effective way of finding customers is directories.

As a rule, good directories do not require a backward link, and directories that are created only to unwind themselves will require a backlink.

Register in Euro-Address, it's free.

Christian Catalogues

  1. - Invictory - Leading Christian portal.
  2. - BibleLamp - Catalog of Russian Christian sites.
  3. - For you - Catalog of Christian sites.
  4. - - Net Internet.
  5. - - Catalog of churches.

Top catologues of Murmansk region

  1. - - The leading catalog of sites in the Murmansk region.
  2. - Hibiny - The leading portal of the Murmansk region.

Top catologues of Runet

  1. - MetaVebmaster - Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration.
  2. - - Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration.
  3. - - Catalog Yellow Pages.
  4. - - Yellow pages on the CIS.
  5. - Rambler/top 100 - More than 35 million vector clipart. Themes, tags, search.
  6. - Euro Address - E-Adres - the leading printed catalog of organizations, has an online version.

Top catologues of St. Petersburg

  1. - Catalog of Russian websites, St. Petersburg - Catalog of sites of Saint Petersburg.
  2. - St. Petersburg with no problems - A good collection of vector clipart. It's hard to say about the number, there's just a search and a lot of clipart. But it's nice to work with him.
  3. - Our Peter - Directory of references, online directory of the city.



In the Yellow Pages, but for Internet.
You can choose a group, for example social networks or garage.
There will be a number of sites that can only be viewed by a common list, not very convenient when there are tens of thousands of them.
Not only URL but IP is specified. There is a preview of the site in a tiny window.

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