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Explanatory, grammatical, phraseological, etymological and multilingual dictionary, in the completion of which everyone can participate.

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address: Russia


Patriotic encyclopedia about Russia and the world.

It is customary to criticize, scold, rights to download and often it is justified. But it is not far to Maidan.
It is more correct and more honest to have balanced information.
And where to get it? There are some problems in the news.

Here you can find information on the achievements of Russia. They are not small.
for example

  • First place in the world in the proportion of people with higher education among the country's population.
  • First place in the number of women in senior positions.
  • First place in the world in the proportion of women among company executives.
  • First place in the number cottages per capita ..
  • The lowest foreign debt in relation to the country's GDP ...
  • First place in the world in terms of the total value of diamonds produced.
  • First place in the world in palladium production.
  • First place in the world in the number of nuclear power plants simultaneously built abroad.
  • First place in the world in the export of wheat.
  • First place in the world in the export of coriander.
  • First place in the world in oil production.
  • First place in the world in natural gas exports.
  • First place in Europe in terms of remittances by labor migrants.
  • First place in the world for the production of amber.
  • The only floating cosmodrome in the world.
  • First place in enrichment of uranium isotopes 40%.
  • The cheapest wired Internet among the top 50 countries in terms of GDP.
  • Record of transmission distance over the Internet 1Tb/s at a distance of 500 km on Russian equipment.
  • First place in the world in the discovery of chemical lementov in the XXI century.
  • The most powerful infrared laser in the world.

Encyclopedia of Programming Languages


address: Russia

Free encyclopedia of programming languages.
The idea of ​​the project is to compile the most complete list of programming languages ​​(along with dialects, implementations and versions), structure information about them and give each language an example of solving several standardized tasks.

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Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

Hitchwiki is a collaborative website for gathering information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport. It was inspired by Wikipedia and by Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. At some point it was left abandoned by its founder, and found and adopted by Guaka. As a hitchhiker you're encouraged to read and write this guide, by adding your knowledge, improving existing articles and starting new ones! Anyone is allowed to edit - you just need to log in.

Hitchwiki is gathering all sorts of relevant information about good hitchhiking spots, knowledge about hitchhiking possibilities in different countries, general know-how about what to pack and when to go, what to eat, and how to stay safe.

Just click edit at the top of an article, make your changes and click Save page. A good article to start editing or writing is probably your home town. To create new articles you can add and around the title of the new article, in some other article, on your user page or even here on the main page. Save the page, click on the red link and start writing a new page. Be bold about editing, just do it! If it feels a bit awkward, you can practice in the Sandbox.

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