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Promises of authority


Politicians and stars tend to make public statements.
There is literally a competition in promises in presidential elections.
Dima Bilan swore to marry if he wins Eurovision, but then backs down. ... etc.

This site is going to what is forgotten or what they want us to forget.
Once the politicians want to manipulate us, promising something that we will then forget and promising again. And once we are manipulated, saying that this or that politician promised a lot and did nothing. And we do not remember what he promised and did NOTHING done anything?
Here we ourselves can see the picture and have our own, not imposed opinion.

There is a rating of people and their promises.
against Each promise has a scale: when given and the date of fulfillment. And also it is executed or not.

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The income base of deputies, officials, judges, representatives of regional authorities and other state bodies.

Once in the media there is information on the income of the authorities, usually a sample - the president and several deputies. But deputies and representatives of the authorities at all levels file a declaration of income.
How can you see it or gain access to this kind of information.
This site will help in this.
The information presented on the site is collected from open sources and is of a reference nature.

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