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  1. - NHL Uniform Database - Form of NHL clubs by years.
  2. - Future Goals
  3. - NHL Officials Association
  4. - NHL Alumni Association
  5. - NHL Green - The National Hockey League is committed to protecting the places we play hockey for future generations.
  6. - Hockey Fights Cancer
  7. - NHL-Transfer
  8. - Aussie Hockey

Stars from the East


Statistics primarily NHL, which is interesting to the Russians.

However, here are presented all sorts of statistics on the NHL in general and not only on the NHL, but as for hockey.

In addition to statistics, there are articles and even videos.

For example: videos of Russian heads in overtime regular season NHL 2016-17.

The site itself is very old. So before all the sites looked.

Why is he tenacious? Because the main thing is content.

The whole world enthusiasts collect a large base.

logo NHL Match Calendar

official site
- Russian

Owner: НХЛ,

NHL Match Calendar

Schedule of matches from the season 2003-2004 to current with filters:

  1. preseason,
  2. regular,
  3. playoffs.
  1. on a separate team,
  2. At home or away,
  3. on the TV channel (if you watch, see what your channel is broadcasting,
  4. You can group by month, by day.

logo NHL

official site
- Russian

Owner: НХЛ,


The National Hockey League is the official website.

This is more than just a good site, it's a well-organized group of sites with a single base. Here every club has its own website, which has a subdomain from the main site.

Among other things, the site has a Russian version. Probably because many Russians play with them and we have good hockey players. True Russian and English versions may differ, because the site is updated (page style, design, principle) from the English version. So you can try and Russian and English, which will be more interesting.

The very navigation of the site is quite understandable and familiar.

Google has entered into an agreement with the official NHL website about placing information about matches in the search engine.

Enter the request - for example. NHL or Toronto Maple Leafs - the search engine will show the schedule of the games, the tournament tables, the score in the matches with the mentioned team and other data from the website.

Will be updated in real time. The NHL block will be placed under the search line.

In the Russian version of the search engine block NHL is not yet displayed, but the Russians are available to their own sports block Google. By entering the name of the team in the search engine, you can find out the score in the previous match with her participation and the date of the next match. about NHL in Russian.
Logos of NHL clubs in the vector

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