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Homonyms on ice

Artem Anisimov

1976 ADArtem Anisimov (Kazan)
1988 ADArtem Anisimov (Yaroslavl)

Ivan Boldyrev

1988 ADIvan Boldyrev (Lipetsk)
1949 ADIvan Boldyrev (Zrenjanin)

Alexander Boykov

1975 ADAlexander Boykov (Chelyabinsk)
1975 ADAlexander Boykov (Moscow)

Colin Campbell

1953 ADColin Campbell (Toronto)
Colin Campbell

Alex Frolov

Alex Frolov
1982 ADAlex Frolov (Moscow)

Sergey Glazov

1952 ADSergey Glazov
1943 ADSergey Glazov - died 18.6.2004

Valentin Grigoryev

1919 ADValentin Grigoryev - died 1984
1939 ADValentin Grigoryev - died 1990

Alexander Ivanov

Alexander Ivanov
1975 ADAlexander Ivanov (Moscow)

Vladimir Krikunov

1986 ADVladimir Krikunov (Kirovo-Chepetsk)
1950 ADVladimir Krikunov (Kirovo-Chepetsk)

Andrei Kuzmin

1981 ADAndrei Kuzmin (Moscow)
1971 ADAndrei Kuzmin (Vidnoe)

Yuri Lebedev

1931 ADYuri Lebedev (Moscow) - died 2006
1951 ADYuri Lebedev (Moscow)

Mikko Lehtonen

1994 ADMikko Lehtonen (Turku)
1987 ADMikko Lehtonen (Espoo)

Maxim Mamin

1995 ADMaxim Mamin (Moscow)
1988 ADMaxim Mamin (Marneuli)

Nikolai Morozov

1944 ADNikolai Morozov
1916 ADNikolai Morozov (Bolshoe Zamoshe) - died 15.10.1981

Igor Nikitin

1966 ADIgor Nikitin (Ufa) - died 17.9.2013
1973 ADIgor Nikitin (Ust-Kamenogorsk)

Sergey Nikolaev

1972 ADSergey Nikolaev (Saratov)
1946 ADSergey Nikolaev (Chelyabinsk) - died 15.3.2013

Alexander Popov

1952 ADAlexander Popov (Moscow)
1980 ADAlexander Popov (Angarsk)

Anatoli Semyonov

1947 ADAnatoli Semyonov (Moscow)
1962 ADAnatoli Semyonov (Moscow)

Victor Sokolov

Victor Sokolov
1955 ADVictor Sokolov (Elektrostal)

Roland Stoltz

1931 ADRoland Stoltz (Stockholm) - died 19.2.2001
1954 ADRoland Stoltz (Överkalix)

Anatoly Tarasov

1918 ADAnatoly Tarasov (Moscow) - died 23.6.1995
1959 ADAnatoly Tarasov (Pervouralsk)

Vladimir Tkachev

1996 ADVladimir Tkachev (Omsk)
1993 ADVladimir Tkachev (Dnieper)

Andrey Tsarev

1975 ADAndrey Tsarev (Nizhny Novgorod)
1977 ADAndrey Tsarev (Kazan)

Konstantin Volkov

1997 ADKonstantin Volkov (Murmansk)
1985 ADKonstantin Volkov (St. Petersburg)
1939 ADAlexander Volkov
1997 ADAlexander Volkov (Moscow)
1969 ADOleg Volkov (Bishkek)
1981 ADOleg Volkov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Sergey Zhukov

1958 ADSergey Zhukov (Perm)
1975 ADSergey Zhukov (Novosibirsk)
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