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Avko Cup winner Champion of WHA

Individual trophies Bill Hunter Trophy Gary L. Davidson Award Playoff MVP Ben Hatskin Trophy Dennis A. Murphy Trophy Lou Kaplan Trophy Paul Deneau Trophy


Houston Aeros - cup winner Avco

Chicago Cougars - Avko Cup finalist

Avko Cup winner 1974



1 Bernie Parent (goalkeeper)
30 Bobby Taylor (goalkeeper)


6 Andre DuPont (defender)
4 Barry Ashbee (defender)
28 Jim Watson (defender)
20 Jimmy Watson (defender)
14 Joe Watson (defender)
5 Serge Lajeunesse (defender)
3 Tom Bladon (defender)
2 Ed Van Impe (defender)


10 Bill Clement (center forward)
16 Bobby Clarke (center forward)
26 Orest Kindrachuk (center forward)
19 Rick McLeish (center forward)
15 Terry Crisp (center forward)
5 Bob Taylor (forward)
7 Bill Barber (left forward)
9 Bob Kelly (left forward)
Bruce Cowick (left forward)
8 Dave Schultz (left forward)
18 Ross Lonsberry (left forward)
21 Bill Flett (right forward)
12 Gary Dornhoefer (right forward)
11 Don Saleski (right forward)
17 Simon Nolet (right forward)
25 Al MacAdam (right forward)
Avko Cup finalist 1974



1 Andre Gill (goalkeeper)
30 Cam Newton (goalkeeper)
30 Rich Coutu (goalkeeper)


2 Al MacKenzie (defender)
28 Jim Watson (defender)
21 Jim Jones (defender)
22 John Shmyr (defender)
3 Dick Proceviat (defender)
17 Darryl Maggs (defender)
5 Larry Cahan (defender)
5 Larry Mavety (defender)
12 Pat Stapleton (defender)
6 Reggie Fleming (defender)
41 Ron F. Anderson (defender)


17 Bob Sicinski (center forward)
26 Bob Whitlock (center forward)
9 Brian Coates (center forward)
Dave Walter (center forward)
13 Joe Hardy (center forward)
6 Ralph Bäckström (center forward)
24 Rod Zaine (center forward)
15 Eric Nesterenko (center forward)
26 Bob Liddington (left forward)
23 Brian Glenwright (left forward)
19 Connie Forey (left forward)
10 Lorne Rombough (left forward)
10 Rick Morris (left forward)
16 Frank Rochon (left forward)
19 Jan Popiel (left forward)
6 Gary Connelly (right forward)
22 Jim Benzelock (right forward)
22 Don Gordon (right forward)
6 Duke Harris (right forward)
15 Curt Brackenbury (right forward)
15 Rosaire Paiement (right forward)
WHA Champion - President Cup winner 1974



1 Don McLeod (goalkeeper)
31 Ron Grahame (goalkeeper)
1 Wayne Rutledge (goalkeeper)


Bill Prentice (defender)
22 Gord Kannegiesser (defender)
5 John Schella (defender)
23 Larry Hale (defender)
27 Marty Howe (defender)
18 Poul Popiel (defender)
2 Mark Howe (defender)


19 Gord Labossiere (center forward)
18 Joe Szura (center forward)
13 Larry Lund (center forward)
18 Ed Hoekstra (center forward)
Jim Sherrit (center forward)
23 Andre Hinse (left forward)
Gary Williamson (left forward)
10 Jack Stanfield (left forward)
18 Ted Taylor (left forward)
9 Gordie Howe (right forward)
11 Don Grierson (right forward)
23 Murray Hall (right forward)
16 Frank Hughes (right forward)

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