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Skype to the site

The principle of link building callto://YOUR_ADDRESS

Link <a href="callto://YOUR_ADDRESS">YOUR_ADDRESS</a>

Call using Skype

The principle of link building skype:SkypeNik?call

Link <a href="skype:SkypeNik?call">SkypeNik</a>

Skype on landline phone

The principle of link building skype:+7225612545?call

Link <a href="skype:SkypeNik?call">+7225612545</a>

Send a message to the chat

The principle of link building skype:SkypeNik?chat

Link <a href="skype:SkypeNik?chat">SkypeNik</a>

Send a voicemail VoiceMail

The principle of link building skype:SkypeNik?voicemail

Link <a href="skype:SkypeNik?voicemail">SkypeNik</a>


Through the semicolon we list the users that need to be connected.
The principle of link building skype:SkypeNik;Nik1?call

Link <a href="skype:SkypeNik;Nik1?call">SkypeNik;Nik1</a>

Group Chat

The principle of link building skype:SkypeNik;Nik1?chat

Link <a href="skype:SkypeNik;Nik1?chat">SkypeNik;Nik1</a>

Online/offline and status checking

Allowing status in Skype:
Tools-> Settings-> Security-> Open advanced settings-> Show my network status on the Internet.

My status

Link <script type="text/JavaScript" src=""></script><br>
<a href="skype:SkypeNik?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="182" height="44" alt='My status'/></a>

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