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TV news

The main thing in any media is news.
On this page we will tell you where to read and watch the news.

logo InVictory

reliable site

Owner: InVictory,



News section of the leading Christian catalog runet.
Megaportal cooperates with many Christian media, which allows you to quickly collect interesting and up-to-date information.

logo RuNews

reliable site

Owner: ТБН,


News service from TBN.
Here are news not only of Christian themes, because we are interested in everything that happens in the world.

There is no criminal news, and political, economic, social and other events are reflected through the prism Their social significance. After all, a great emphasis is placed on coverage of events from the world of charity.


  • Society
  • Health
  • Religion
  • Art
  • Animal Protection
  • Nature Protection
  • Science and Technology
  • Interview
  • Charity
  • Videos
  • In the world
  • Donor Service
  • World Wide Web
runews logo

Telenovosti. Podcast. At any time you can go and see the latest news. You just go to the site and start broadcasting the latest news.

You do not miss anything, just choose the time convenient for you

logo Emmanuel TV

reliable site

tel.: +7 (800) 200-99-88

Emmanuel TV

Christian television channel.
Representative of CBN and the charitable organization Operation Blessing in the CIS.

CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network (Christian Broadcasting Network) - Christian Broadcasting Corporation, headquarters Which is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was founded in 1961. Of the most famous programs are The 700 Club.

News from the leading Christian Christian World News channel.
It's nice that someone is translating them.
It's more like a podcast. That is, we go at a convenient time for us and watch the last broadcast. We can pause, look again. You can see some past programs.

The only drawback - not often updated news.

iTunes Android

logo CNL News

official site

Owner: CNL,

CNL News

The news site, even the news service from CNL.
Here are the news of the Christian theme.
A simple and intuitive interface, regular updates, good quality interesting international news.


  • Latest News
  • Church and Society
  • CNL News
  • Discoveries and Achievements
  • Culture
  • The Case of Service
  • Incidents
  • Japan
  • Individuals
  • Opinions
  • Topic "IKS"
  • Israel

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