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Organization engaged in the translation of the Bible

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Biblica, formerly known as the "International Bible Society."
The goal is to spread the Bible around the world in modern languages ​​at an affordable price. This is achieved through large circulations and donations by Christians.

There is a translation into Russian NRT - New Russian translation. Perhaps the best translation into Russian today.

logo Bible League

Bible League

The former name of the World Bible Translation Center.

Their Easy-to-Read series (translations in easy-to-read language) has many translations, including the New Testament in Ukrainian and the Bible in Russian (Holy Bible: Modern Translation ™). The text uses only the words of the Russian language used in everyday life. (By the way, the first translation into Russian was not very successful, the new edition is opposite, very high level.

Biblical League
The goal is to spread the Bible in modern languages ​​throughout the world.

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