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Printed Bible

Formats of the Bible

Electronic Bible.
Through the Internet you can free and instantly receive a Bible in electronic form for use by computer, cell phone, e-book ...
Such a Bible is very convenient for work: search, the ability to copy, make bookmarks, view history, parallel places, compare translations ... Bible on the cellular simply can always be at hand.

You can listen to the Bible. It is very convenient if you have weak eyesight or if you are very busy with household chores, especially if you have small children.

Print Bible.
The paper book is always easier to read. You can relax, sit in a chair and read, especially the first time.

Bible free

You can always find such a Bible free. Just type in the search Bible free and you will find various suggestions. Usually you will be offered a short Bible study course, then the book itself will be sent out.
But you can just ask and many will not be denied. Especially if you have a nearby church.

The spread of the free Bible is primarily a mission "Gideon Brotherhood".

Less freebies

Free you will get the cheapest and simple edition. Glued Bible in a cover.
But Bible is not a novel, but a textbook and a textbook for life. Therefore it is desirable to have a better edition: a leather cover and gilded pages will preserve the binding and edges of the pages for many years.
logo Russian Bible Society

Russian Bible Society

The best place to buy a Bible.
There will be an acceptable price and the widest choice - by language, edition, with a large font and compact ...

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