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Browser is from Apple and for Apple. There was an attempt to do for Windows, but I didn't. Personally, I was never able to get used to, very different from the usual. Many things which used not enough. As a new benefit never used, carried before. the

Main features

  1. Ability to block pop-UPS
  2. Convenient and easy search text on the page
  3. AutoFill forms (sync with Address Book or Windows Address book)
  4. Built-in RSS aggregator
  5. Scaling of text input area
  6. Private browsing mode, in which there is a history of visits, cookies are not accepted, the password and the entered data are not remembered
  7. Support for various encryption protocols
  8. Function Snapback - allows you to instantly return to the original search results or the top level of any web site, even if you went a few levels down. The SnapBack icon appears in the search box when you click on the link on the search results page. the
  9. In Safari uses the same technology Apple for graphics, and Mac OS X. the
  10. Preliminary support for CSS 3 and HTML 5
  11. Safari automatically recognizes websites that use custom fonts and downloads them as needed
  12. Integrate multimedia technology QuickTime
  13. Web Inspector - allows users and developers browse the Document Object Model (DOM) of the web pages
  14. Support for SSL versions 2 and 3, and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  15. spell Check in text fields
  16. Cover Flow (in Safari 4.0) the
  17. Top Sites - allows you to view a list of the most visited web sites.

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