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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

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Put it and your speed will increase at least twice, which is nice. Then you will not want to go back to Internet Explorer. Better get used to it.

the First good browser was Netscape. Microsoft, believing that creating Windows and Office will make the browser did. He was significantly worse than the Netscape browser. But the funds invested, and Microsoft was free to integrate Internet Explorer. Still paid for the whole set. Were the courts, of unfair competition. Unsuccessfully.

Then Netscape does move, unlock code, so all the programmers can see how this browser to participate. Opens a new browser under the new name Mozilla Firefox, it's free. Today its popularity is growing faster than any other browser.

the speed slightly inferior browser Opera. But works correctly in all other respects.

There is a browser version for installation on PC and portable version Mozilla Firefox Portable, which can be kept on flash.

Firefox for mobile
plug - ins- this lotion that adds functionality to the browser.

Analog of the paid Internet Explorer
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