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You probably met with the assemblies of Internet Explorer browser from Yandex,, Rambler ... You can configure Internet Explorer for your service. The largest domestic portals create their own versions (assemblies) of Internet Explorer 8 to increase audience loyalty, Attract new visitors, offer them additional opportunities. This is done with Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) package and does not require any financial investment in the software.

IEAK is a simple product for which you do not need programming experience. This is the IE8 pre-configuration wizard, which in a few minutes creates the ready-to-distribute IE8 distributions in any language and for any supported OS, which can optionally include:

  • Your site as a home page
  • Your bookmarks and RSS feeds
  • Your title in the browser's title is "Internet Explorer provided by YOU >"
  • Any of your components that require installation (for example, bar, counter. .)
  • Your search provider by default
  • Your Accelerators and Web Slices
  • Many other features - see video
Usually, creating your own Browser IE8 takes no more than an hour, the product is equipped with an excellent system of references in Russian.

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