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Before the advantage of the Chrome browser for Google was that Google was the main search engine. And it was not difficult to change by changing the search engine in the settings.

Today, Chrome browser translates foreign sites, you can use a virtual printer, by going to your Google account you can sync bookmarks, applications, extensions .... in short, well, it's very convenient and practical.
Thus, Google is in a favorable position.

If before, Yandex, Rambler and made their version of Chrome with the settings "for themselves," now this is not enough.


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The browser is based on the browser open source Chromium based on WebKit engine.
Chrome in which there is a translator is not from Google, but from Yandex (translation only 14 languages, but basic).
Besides integration with Yandex services (by the way this is done gently, not overloaded), cloud storage and social networks, a set of services is made by Russia, as opposed to Google Chrome.

The web browser was originally built in PDF viewer file format and player Adobe Flash player.

spell Check.
Find all word forms.


Data synchronization through Yandex Browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your bookmarks and Scoreboard are available everywhere and are loaded immediately after login in the browser.
All data are under reliable protection and will not be lost, even if your device breaks down or you lose it.

do not need to be reset, simply log in your account on Yandex.


Turbo technology from Opera to speed up the work with HTTP using a slow link.

Built Kaspersky Anti-Virus and intelligent query string that identifies the error and offers a valid option you can only accept or ignore.

Quick call. If you have a smartphone ina it is Yandex Browser. That dial or rather, can be pressed through the computer room. Once it is more convenient.

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Yandex.Browser Lite

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Fast and convenient browser without additional functions, but it has the most necessary.
In the address bar, you can search for sites, including just by name, as well as ask questions to Yandex.
On the panel of visual bookmarks, which opens in a new tab, - save your favorite sites. In the tape of personal recommendations Zen - read interesting news and articles. By the way, Zen is actually downloaded from the network, so it does not take up space on the device. If desired, you can turn it off in the settings.

Category: Internet/Browser

Tags: Browsers

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