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Gmail №1

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Normal mail entrance
For tablets and smartphones without a top panel
mobile version

Register mail

Mailbox size: 15 Gb.

Increase the mailbox - Attachment size: 25 Mb.

Address: (and - yourname Can be not less than 6 characters. It's just that all the short names are flooded with spam.

You can change your address by putting a period, because gmail points do not recognize, they all come in one box. For example:

The account action: if not used for 9 months will be deleted.

When you receive an account, you have:

  • Personal Search - Customize the search engine,
  • Page Creator - site builder,
  • Personal page - free hosting, that is a place for a site,
  • Webmaster Tools - a toolbar for viewing your site's statistics, as seen by google,
  • AdSense - the ability to earn on advertising if you have a site,
  • and other google services.

Working with mailboxes:

  • The mail program (mail client) using the POP3 protocol is a classic and in my opinion an endangered
  • The mailer program (mail client) using the IMAP protocol, the difference between this protocol and POP3 is that you do not download all the letters but only a list and only download the necessary message,
  • Online - via site, if you have an unlimited Internet, this The way is most preferable, you are not tied to either the program or the computer,
  • offline (Wireless access). Externally it looks like you go to the mail through the site, only your mail is stored in your computer, when you enter the mail, changes are simply downloaded. If you change something in the offline version, it changes to the site (when the Internet is connected). All looks exactly the same. The advantage of this kind of mail usage makes sense if you do not always have access to the Internet. How to connect:
    1. Connect the service: Settings/Labs/Gmail offline/Enable
    2. Determine where to place the shortcuts: Desktop, Quick Launch, Start
    3. We wait while the program to load your mail, only the last 2000 letters are downloaded, and everything - incoming, outgoing, basket.

3 folder levels

  1. Spam,
  2. Ordinary, there are a lot of formal letters, notifications...
  3. Priority.


  • The maximum possible file size is 20 Mb (actually 14 Mb, this applies to any mail),
  • The best spam filter,
  • Gmail for mobile (more), That is, you can see the mail through your mobile,
  • Gmail Chat - chatting with people who have mail on google,
  • Video chat - you need to have a webcam,
  • Only textual contextual advertising,
  • Spellchecking, which not every email program gives,
  • Translation of the letter,
  • A wonderful editor - it's easy to give the color of the text, set the color background of the word or phrase, remove the formatting to all or the selected part, add the picture to the text of the letter ...,
  • The first mail, which allows you to insert pictures in the text of the letter,
  • Attachments: a text document, photos and a link to a video from YouTube can be viewed online,
  • Undo Send: after sending the letter you can change your mind within 5 minutes and cancel the sending of the letter,
  • Gmail uses the most advanced technologies, in effect being a mail program.


  • The mailbox is slightly larger than 7.5 Gb, it grows, but it is slower than the fill,
  • Sometimes it does not allow sending an email with an attachment, suspects that you are sending a virus (or maybe it is?).


Thanks to the large box, the excellent spam filter and the absence of annoying advertising it is recommended to have mail in any case here. Plus a lot of other amenities and their number is growing. However, it's good to have mail somewhere on a simple server because sometimes Gmail does not miss a letter due to an attachment that is suspected by the virus. For example. There are difficulties with sending programs or .EXE archives.

Mail client settings for

Pop: SSL connection 995
Smtp: TSL connection 587 (for Mozilla Thunderbird) or 465 (for Outlook or The Bat in SMTP)
Login: (full address)

Gmail Notifier

Notification of the incoming mail.
  1. Classic utility
  2. Extension for FireFox
  3. Soft
  4. Gmail Notifier for Linux


You can view and send messages to the Twitter.
Integrating Twitter a into the Gmail interface

Help Gmail
Tunes IMAP in



More and more are registered on Gmail, but where to get the successful first name? On it is possible to receive address on a choice: So, what to do - follow the example of Google did what was the advantage of paid mail services. There you can receive mail in your domain. The same thing does Google.

What are the advantages? Say our mail services and can be hacked, where is the guarantee that something will not happen to Gmail? Suddenly it will become paid? Just kidding. But it is most reliable to have an address on your domain, especially if you have it, for example. I have. The most reliable address is my personal, besides it's more solid. Only now I have always preferred my address not to use, places on the hosting are pitiful, so my mail will take up all the space, plus spam. Well, you understand.

So, this service allows you to have gmail mail under your domain, with your logo. All, as in regular, including the Internet pager, only you are still an administrator and you can offer others a mailbox on (like me for example). And the restrictions are not established.

Benefits before @gmail

  1. Address, you can have any first name, even shorter than 6 characters, for example
  2. You can have aliases, for example by creating address you can create nicknames:, in case someone makes an error in writing address. All letters will come to one box.
  3. You can create 50 address free.
  4. The period of the box is unlimited. For example, you have mail on or, you return home after the army and your mailbox is deleted, you have not used it for too long. Here everything is in your hands, you are the administrator.
  5. Easy to recover password. Just contact the administrator and he will assign you a new password, when you sign in, you change it.
The truth is to tinker with the settings, but almost everything is described in detail and clearly.

I will say that it is not described. When setting up the mail program, everything is like on regular, only instead of login is your new mail address, for example (address is not used yet). Ex.

password: ******* Select the SSL check box, enter 995, select the SSL check box, type 465 (for Thunderbird 587)

Please note, your domain only in the username, in other places

In principle, everything. Now, if you have your own domain, then you can give all your relatives and friends or employees (if this is a business project) your mailing address in your domain.

And it's so easy to give the first name (if only relatives did not intercept before :)), besides, there are no restrictions "at least 6 characters", as in the usual address I watched more than once how the mailbox was opened. They come in, register, suddenly realize that first name was not invented. They come out of the Internet, they think, come up tomorrow, come, and this first name is occupied, the other at random is also occupied. And time on the Internet is ticking, that's convulsive and trying to come up with its own laconic unique first name.


  • Domain - you can associate another domain with your account to allow users with different electronic addresses to use a common mailbox. (For example: , ).

  • email – this is another address by which you can send a message to the user.
    For example: create , aleases , , . Now if someone mistakenly writes your email wrong, you will still receive it.


  • stylish,
  • it's easy to select first name, unlike mail on gmail (there first name should be at least 6 characters), here you can select first name with 1 character,
  • Reliably, if it happens with Google or anyone else, your address will remain with you anyway,
  • the possibility of a shared address book, it's convenient if you have all the relatives or employees,
  • the ability to receive emails from the entire domain, that is, if you mistakenly write to instead , you still get if you want this option, you can give new addresses without creating a mailbox
  • internal mailing,
  • re -address,
  • Assign multiple names to one mailbox.
Or you have an organization. You give out the address to employees, and on the main address you do a readdress. Everyone has access to his mail and does not disperse attention, and the supervisor controls the whole process.

Once again Google pleased us and surprised us. If earlier we chose where to have mail: at or or ..., now we are not limited to the name.

How to create mail on your domain

  1. Sign up for Google services, Specifying your domain name first. Create an administrator account.

  2. We confirm our domain name first. (There will be a link on your homepage).

  3. If you have a hosting:

    In the site mail control panel, we change entries MX:

    MX Recording priority

    Then, activate the Gmail service in the Google services control panel.

  4. You do not have a hosting, you want to use the domain only for mail.

    1. Log in to your account from your hosting provider and go to the DNS management page.
    2. CNAME records can be located in such sections as DNS Management or Name Server Management. You may need to enable additional settings to create CNAME records. Contact your domain's hosting service directly if you can not find CNAME management options.
    3. Delete an existing CNAME record for the alias or unique string if you want to do this.
    4. For example, if you create a CNAME record for "pochta", delete all existing CNAME records for "pochta".
    5. When creating a CNAME record, use the information in the table below. The conditions required to create CNAME records vary, depending on the settings of the hosting service. To verify ownership, always enter, and for custom URL -

      Hostname/nickname Value/Purpose
      Custom URL: page
      Proof of ownership: googlefffggghhh12345 (your unique string)

      Now the CNAME record will point to the Google server. Remember that information about changes to DNS parameters will spread over the Internet within 48 hours.

      After completing the domain ownership verification process, you can delete the CNAME record. However, in the case of custom URLs, you must leave the CNAME record untouched.

Settings for the mailer SSL connection 995 TSL connection 587 (for Mozilla Thunderbird) or 465 (for Outlook or The Bat in SMTP)

Note that instead of logging in, like when configuring regular mail from google, in this case the full email is written.

For comparison:

How to send a "forbidden" attachment via gmail

One of the problems with Gmail is that some attachments, the most harmless ones, are considered "illegal" (illegal) and do not pass.
There are several ways to bypass this:
  1. Use other mail, e.g. or will miss the trait of the bald.
  2. Compress to the archive using the archiver 7zip. It's free, and Google "does not know it," so all the investments go easy.
  3. Just change the extension, e.g. Instead of we'll write and everything.


If you send HTML, PHP ... a page, it becomes a part of the letter. Such things are simply sent to the archive.

Sometimes you get distorted pictures in GIF format. Also we send it to the archive and the problem is solved.

Import Mail and Contacts in Gmail

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