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Version of the 'Bible Quotes' for Android.

This application allows you to use your device almost all the modules for 'quotes from the Bible'. At the moment we haven't implemented support modules that uses to display text, specialized fonts, and do not appear nested within the modules of the picture.

Using this application you can search the text, add bookmarks, share your selected passages with friends through SMS, MMS, email, Facebook, Twitter= and many other services (with the appropriate programs in the device). =


There are modules under the old version of the Quote is under new. Not all always work correctly. It is also here.

does Not work:

  • modules in the old format - the ANSI character set (Windows-1251, etc.). the
  • modules with embedded fonts (this is usually old Slavonic and the old modules with the Hebrew, Greek ...). the
  • Hebrew with vowels. without Nekudot are going in the right direction of the letters and vowels for some reason the direction is not defined and the text comes in the usual European spelling for Hebrew - on the contrary. the
  • images will not display the strong's number is not working, although the text will be displayed correctly.
Work: modules from our website, they were tested under Android, corrected, and filtered. Modules can also be downloaded entirely via Torrent that is natural for smartphone users with Android. the

setup of the program for themselves

the Software allows you to perform some of the add-on:
  • Change the text color and the background in the reading window. the
  • to Change the font size in the reading window. the
  • Choose the font. the
  • Enable the required by Scripture verses. the
  • to Disable the auto screen rotation. the
  • to Enable basic mode view the text mode of reading (without panels).

read Mode

In read mode you can only read the text. Navigation is performed by touching certain areas of the screen:
  • top - page up
  • the lower part of the page down,
  • the left edge of the screen in the middle of the previous Chapter,
  • right edge of the screen in the middle of the next Chapter,
  • long press - choice of reading.


In learn mode, you can
  • highlight verses
  • add bookmark
  • share selected text.
the text Navigation is performed using a panel that is displayed at the bottom left. Command select the action for the selected text is called when pressing the button on the right bottom of the screen of the device. The choice of a place to read and transfer to text search performed from the upper command bar. Skip to the search you can perform using the hardware search button. the


Install the program. There will be only one version of the Bible. Daddy will be created BibleQuote\modules on the SD card.
In this folder just cast module folders from the 'Scripture' and use. Modules you can throw into a ZIP-archive. the


  • Works quickly, which is nice.
  • Standalone version does not require Internet connection.
  • Select search in the Bible - what is and what book. Usually Android Bible search just through the Bible.
  • use modules from 'Scripture' makes the program very effective. Here we are not limited to 2-mi is represented by translations in Russian, as is usually the case in the West. In addition, the modules can be in .ZIP files, which saves space.
  • the Ability to make their own and add modules. Is opensourse - this is what we need.
  • Cross-reference. By default, shows only references to parallel poems, but in settings you can mark the check box and will appear the verses.
  • the Ability to scroll through the volume control.
the Program is actively developing, yet not all functions are defined, the authors take the views and suggestions.

Category: Christian software/Mobile Bible

Tags: Bible Christian Bible Quote

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