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Myspace, once the most popular social network, now "dying." Although it's probably not dying (most sites of the Internet dream of dying like this), but went to the second role, taking up their niche on the Internet.

Speaking of the "Dying", the head immediately comes Rambler, which only moved to the level below.

logo Myspace

reliable site


The founders of the portal are Tom Anderson and Chris Deval.

Created in 2003. Since the beginning of 2008, Russified.

  1. Communities of film enthusiasts and photographers, but the "face" of the portal are musicians.
  2. The biggest party of music lovers and musicians of all levels and directions, from star to housewife.
  3. A ready-made template for a business card of a music group and a way to unwind, along with the possibilities of creating fan blogs. Fast, simple, affordable.
  4. A real alternative to show business, when a listener could buy only a whole album at a fixed price and with a choice only from what the producers of record companies deigned to pay attention to.
  5. It is enough to have a broadband connection to the Network, and everything will play itself. And the author of the page can allow you to download music to your computer (this is how amateur musicians do) or just listen.

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