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The Beatles, album "Help!"

Lyrics of the album - Listen the album

Studio albums - Studio Parlophone - 1965
stereo: 06.08.1965; CD: 15.04.1987


  1. 02:19 Help! (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 13.04.1965

    JOHN 1965: 'We think it's one of the best we've written.'

    JOHN 1980: 'The whole Beatle thing was just beyond comprehension.
    When 'Help' came out, I was actually crying out for help.
    Most people think it's just a fast rock 'n roll song.
    I didn't realize it at the time; I just wrote the song because I was commissioned to write it for the movie.
    But later, I knew I really was crying out for help.
    So it was my fat Elvis period.
    You see the movie: He – I – is very fat, very insecure, and he's completely lost himself.
    And I am singing about when I was so much younger and all the rest, looking back at how easy it was.
    Now I may be very positive… yes, yes… but I also go through deep depressions where I would like to jump out the window, you know.
    It becomes easier to deal with as I get older; I don't know whether you learn control or, when you grow up, you calm down a little.
    Anyway, I was fat and depressed and I was crying out for help.'

    PAUL 1984: 'John wrote that… well, John and I wrote it at his house in Weybridge for the film.
    I think the title was out of desperation.'

  2. 02:34 The Night Before (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 17.02.1965

    JOHN 1965: ''The Night Before' that Paul does is good.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'I would say that's mainly mine.
    I don't think John had alot to do with that.'

  3. 02:09 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 18.02.1965

    JOHN 1965: 'One I do which I like is, 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.' But it's not commercial.'

    JOHN 1971: 'It's one of those that you sort of sing a bit sadly to yourself, 'Here I stand/Head in hand.' I started thinking about my own emotions.
    I don't know when exactly it started, like 'I'm A Loser' or 'Hide Your Love Away,' or those kind of things.
    Instead of projecting myself into a situation I would just try to express what I felt about myself which I had done in me books.
    I think it was Dylan helped me realize that – I had a sort of professional songwriter's attitude to writing Pop songs, but to express myself I would write 'Spaniard In The Works' or 'In His Own Write' – the personal stories which were expressive of my personal emotions.
    I'd have a separate 'songwriting' John Lennon who wrote songs for the sort of meat market, and I didn't consider them, the lyrics or anything, to have any depth at all.
    Then I started being me about the songs… not writing them objectively, but subjectively.'

    JOHN 1980: 'That's me in my Dylan period again.
    I am like a chameleon… influenced by whatever is going on.
    If Elvis can do it, I can do it.
    If the Everly Brothers can do it, me and Paul can.
    Same with Dylan.'

    PAUL 1984: 'That was John doing a Dylan… heavily influenced by Bob.
    If you listen, he's singing it like Bob.'

  4. 02:28 I Need You (George Harrison) - Remastered 2009 - 16.02.1965

  5. 02:05 Another Girl (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 16.02.1965

    JOHN 1980: ''Another Girl' is Paul.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'It's a bit much to call them fillers because I think they were a bit more than that, and each one of them made it past the Beatles test.
    We all had to like it.'

  6. 02:18 You're Going to Lose that Girl (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 19.02.1965

    JOHN 1980: 'That's me.'
  7. 03:09 Ticket to Ride (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 15.02.1965

    GEORGE 1965: 'We are always worried with each record.
    With 'Ticket To Ride' we were even more worried.
    There's bound to be a time when we come in at 19 (on the charts).
    But this 'number one' business doesn't seem to stop – great while it lasts – but now we'll have to start all over again and people will start predicting funny things for the next one.'

    JOHN 1970: 'It's a heavy record, and the drums are heavy too.
    That's why I like it.'

    JOHN 1980: 'That was one of the earliest heavy-metal records made.
    Paul's contribution was the way Ringo played the drums.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'I think the interesting thing is the crazy ending – instead of ending like the previous verse, we changed the tempo.
    We picked up one of the lines, 'My baby don't care,' but completely altered the melody.
    We almost invented the idea of a new bit of a song on the fade-out with this song… It was quite radical at the time.'

  8. 02:30 Act Naturally (Voni Morrison and Johnny Russell) - Remastered 2009 - 17.06.1965

  9. 01:56 It's Only Love (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 15.06.1965

    JOHN 1972: 'That's the one song I really hate of mine.
    Terrible lyric.'

    JOHN 1980: ''It's Only Love' is mine.
    I always thought it was a lousy song.
    The lyrics are abysmal.
    I always hated that song.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'Sometimes we didn't fight it if the lyric came out rather bland on some of those filler songs like 'It's Only Love.' If a lyric was really bad we'd edit it.
    But we weren't that fussy about it, because it's only a rock 'n roll song.
    I mean, this is not literature.'

  10. 02:36 You Like Me Too Much (George Harrison) - Remastered 2009 - 17.02.1965

  11. 02:37 Tell Me What You See (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 18.02.1965

    PAUL circa-1994: ''I seem to remember it as mine… Not awfully memorable.'
  12. 02:05 I've Just Seen a Face (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 14.06.1965

    JOHN 1980: 'That's Paul.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'I think of this as totally by me.
    It was slightly country and western from my point of view.
    It was faster, though.
    It was a strange uptempo thing.
    I was quite pleased with it.
    The lyric works.
    It keeps dragging you forward… it keeps pulling you to the next line.
    There's an insistent quality about it.'

  13. 02:05 Yesterday (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 14.06.1965

  14. 02:56 Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Larry Williams) - Remastered 2009 - 10.05.1965

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