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The Beatles, album "A Hard Day's Night: Extracts from the Album"

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SP - collections - Studio Parlophone - 1964
mono: 06.11.1964

A Hard Day's Night: Extracts from the Album

  1. 02:11 Any Time at All (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 02.06.1964

    JOHN 1980: 'An effort at writing 'It Won't Be Long' – same ilk.
    C to A minor, C to A minor with me shouting.'
  2. 01:45 I'll Cry Instead (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 01.06.1964

    JOHN 1980: 'I wrote that for 'A Hard Day's Night,' but Dick Lester didn't even want it.
    He resurrected 'Can't Buy Me Love' for that sequence instead.
    I like the middle-eight to that song, though that's about all I can say about it.'
  3. 02:35 Things We Said Today (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 02.06.1964

    JOHN 1980: 'Paul's.
    Good song.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'I wrote 'Things We Said Today' on acoustic (guitar).
    It was a slightly nostalgic thing already, a future nostalgia: we'll remember the things we said today, sometime in the future, so the song projects itself into the future and then is nostalgic about the moment we're living now, which is quite a good trick.'

  4. 02:16 When I Get Home (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 02.06.1964

    JOHN 1980: 'That's me again… another Wilson Pickett, Motown sound… a four-in-the-bar cowbell song.'

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