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The Royal Scientific Society laid out 60 of the most famous scientific works published in the history of society. This event is timed to the 350th anniversary of the scientific organization.

The papers are related to different disciplines. A solid part of them is devoted to physics. For example, among the documents there is a work by Isaac Newton devoted to optics, in which he proves that white light consists of light of different colors. Also interested will find on the site the work of Benjamin Franklin, in which he proves the electrical nature of lightning, revolutionary work Maxwell on electrodynamics, as well as the famous article on black holes, co-authored by Stephen Hawking. Among the articles on biology and medicine, one can find the rare work of 1666 devoted to blood transfusion in dogs. In addition, the site has the original work of James Cook, describing the way to prevent scurvy with salt cucumbers and lemons. In addition, the work of Watson and Crick on the structure of the genome, and an article about the discovery of penicillin were included in the list.

They are found among the laid out articles and amusing. For example, there is a work of 1770, in which author Daines Barrington (Daines Barrington) studies young Mozart in order to find out: is it really a young genius or just a disguised dwarf. Based on the fact that the 9-year-old composer likes to play with a cat more than on a musical instrument, Barrington concludes that he is really a child.

The publication of the most significant works The Royal Scientific Society has planned a series of events. So, in the coming days in London there will be public lectures and debates of famous scientists.


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