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Video Social Networking

Video chat supports social networks: Facebook, Odnoklassniki



Audio and video conferences by phone or via the Internet (VoIP).
Share your screen with participants, while using audio and video.
You can zoom in and see the details of each discussion - even on the phone.

You can join a meeting, call or video conference instantly from anywhere in the world. Just enter the meeting code and you will be on the same page, even if you are hundreds of miles away.


  1. Chatting with all participants simultaneously or individually
  2. Increase and decrease the overall screen,
  3. See who visits
  4. Meeting lock for added security
  5. Meeting schedule right from the app.


logo Tinychat



A tool for collective communication in real time.
TinyChat allows you to create a room in which several users can communicate. The service works without any registration and the need for additional configuration. Having opened the main page of the service, the user will see an invitation to create a chat. After confirming the creation of the chat room, the user will receive a unique short address, for example,, where you can access the chat. This address can be sent to other participants of the online meeting. To start communication, just open this address in the browser.

  • The ability to insert
  • Share to friends
  • Communicate in HQ as ($15 per month)
  • Share files
  • Ban List
  • Conference Record ($15 per month)
  • Developer API

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