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One of the leaders in Internet advertising market with auction pricing, which was first owned by Rambler, having acquired 50% plus one share. Then he bought the rest of the shares from the Finns and wanted to sell everything to Google, then the antimonopoly committee did not allow the deal.

Basic principles of the Runner

  1. The advertiser receives customers.
    The advertisement will be shown only to the person who is looking for it.
  2. Advertiser pays for the result.
    You buy not impressions of advertising, but targeted transitions to the site.
  3. The advertiser is saving money.
    You are setting the price you are willing to pay for the target visitor.

Types of runner sites - volume shares

  1. Search engines - 50%,,,
  2. Directories - 10%
  3. Thematic publications - 30%,,,,,,,,,,
  4. Subject mailings - 10%,,

User-friendly interface

  • Beautiful, stylish design.
  • Intuitive, that is, everything in its place, it's easy to find what you need.
  • The possibility of working on mutual settlements within your account.

Good service

  • I was always answered, usually during the day or the next day.
  • There was no rudeness, ignoring, a business approach.
  • All resolved issues were resolved.


  • You can pick up at least $50, that is, for weak projects this does not work.
  • Not every advertisement that you see on your site, you will like and it does not fix (now this defect is solved).

How it works

If you provide a site for your site for Begun ads.
Each page of the site has tags:
  • initial <index>
  • and the final ,
all the text between them is indexed and based on this, the advertisement on the page will be displayed. The larger the text fragment will be provided, the better it should be indexed.
Reindexing occurs once a week.

You want to provide the area on your site for advertising.

You want place your advertising through the system Begun.

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