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Article posting terms

  1. The article should correspond to the subject of our site, but not necessarily only to existing sections.

  2. The article should be understandable to the unprepared reader. If the article is very detailed, it is better to have an easy option and a link to a more detailed one.

  3. At this stage, the articles are placed on the terms of advertising, that is, we place them according to your desire:

    1. A link to your website, business card or blog,
    2. email for contact with you (naturally protected from spam),
    3. Your logo.
  4. The authorship is yours.

  5. The material can only be edited in agreement with you.


We respect respect for the work of every person, so we try to give a mention of the author and a link at the top, not at the bottom of the pages.
But we give the report it may turn out that someone has already seized your work or gave it away.

If this is your case, let us know (at the bottom of the page), we will correct the situation and apologize.
Although, until now we have not had such questions.

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