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Transport on map


Russian - English

Uses: Yandex.Maps, OpenStreetMap.

Smolensk city transport routes on the map. The entire passenger transport of Smolensk is equipped with the GLONASS system equipment and connected to a single monitoring system.

We choose the route of a bus, trolleybus or tram and look at the map.

Update goes wrong often, as on similar sevises, because the transport does not go, but jumps. That is, it does not seem to move, then it is ahead at a decent distance.

logo City of Novosibirsk transport. MU



Uses: Google maps.

City of Novosibirsk transport. MU 'TSUGAET'

Transportation of Novosibirsk.
Satellite navigation systems have been installed on all Novosibirsk transport. Then tied to the Google map.

  • Choose the type of transport;
  • Click on the route number. In the "Your list" field a list of displayed routes is formed;
  • To delete one route, click the cross at the corresponding number;
  • You can move the map by clicking the left mouse button.
  • The scale is changed by rotating the mouse wheel or the corresponding tool on the left.
  • To fix the location and scale of the map, turn on "Do not move the map".
  • The maximum number of simultaneous displayed routes is limited.
  • Clicking on the transport icon displays a window with the actual schedule of the following checkpoints (if any).

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logo Konduktor24



Uses: Yandex.Maps.



Public transport timetables: fixed-route taxi, buses, trolley buses, subways, trams - a map of the trajectory on the map, distance, ticket price for 18,000 routes in 5,000 cities.

logo Yandex.Transport



Owner: Yandex

Uses: Yandex.Maps.


An application with which you can monitor the movement of public transport in major cities of Russia:

  1. in Moscow and the Moscow region
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Yekaterinburg
  4. Kazan
  5. Omsk
  6. Nizhny Novgorod
  7. Novosibirsk
  8. Perm
  9. Voronezh
  10. Kaliningrad
  11. Krasnoyarsk
  12. Tomsk
  13. Chelyabinsk
  14. Cherepovets
  15. Lipetsk
  16. Ryazan
  17. Kamensk - Urals
  18. Barnaul
  19. Kemerovo
  20. Kostroma
  21. Vologda
  22. Kiev
  23. Astana
  24. Baranovichi
  25. Pinsk
  26. Grodno
  27. Slutsk
  28. Bobruisk
  29. Lida
  30. Yeisk
  31. Mogilev
  32. Brest
  33. Vitebsk and Kaluga.
While all functions are available except the movement in the Time. The completeness of the data depends on the regional partners.

The application builds up to six variants of the route from point to point taking into account different modes of transport. You can find out how to get by public transport to the right address or organization for example a restaurant or school. Routes can be saved for the future.

Click on the transport label to see its route on the map and find out when it will arrive at the nearest stop and after what time will reach the destination.

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In Russian
logo Smart transport


Smart transport

In the Arctic Murmansk, the trolleybus is like a small miracle, that's why all trolleybuses of Wi-Fi have been equipped for the 50th anniversary.
Besides that, we made a decent site where on the map in the online mode you can see where each trolley bus is in real time.

Someone can just have fun, and someone will be useful when the traffic goes seldom.

You can select all routes or choose just the right ones.
Google map is used, but the main city map is OpenStreetMaps.

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