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Task managers -
Task Managers.

Chinese task manager with calendar and synchronization with Google calendar.
Languages ​​- English, Japanese and Chinese.
Service worthy. Everything looks clear, the engine is comfortable.
You can write tasks for today, the shopping list, plans for the calendar. In my opinion (and probably for my purposes), it is clearer and more convenient than the well-known Remember the Milk.

In any case, it's worth the attention.

Simplenote -
Free service notes.

Free notes service.
Good for those who need to store simple text notes. The service is not overloaded with unnecessary features, does not offer an infinite number of times to buy a paid version. It's easy to use, not gluttonous, which is important for a smartphone.

I used to use Evernote before. But I would like something simpler and without constant reminders that I have a stripped down version. I do not want a full version, I do not need a tractor, I need a bicycle. And in general I refuse always from paid versions, too many small payments, I will be glad to get rid of existing ones.

How does it work?

We make a note, we write a tag to it. There are no folders. Evernote has folders and tags, but it's more convenient for me to use one. Tags are more convenient because several tags can be written to one note.

Added a note on the computer, it was added to the smartphone and vice versa. The same with editing. Changed the note in one place - changed everywhere. -
Task Manager team.

A great task manager.
English and looks not very modern, but everything is simple, intuitive, multi-level nesting without restrictions.

If anyone is interested, there is an API.

TodoX -
Simple and easy task manager.

Simple and easy task manager.

There are many task managers who allow you to work as a team, plan and so on and so forth.
Is it always necessary?
Why a large menu when you need only a couple of items?

This site AI is such a simple task manager.

Do it (Tomorrow) -
Task Managers.

Do it (Tomorrow) - postponed for tomorrow.
Only here the well-known phrase has a different meaning. Do not postpone and forget, and postpone, write and do it.
An extremely simple organizer. For those who need not complicated, but not to understand for a long time.
In fact, before us is a diary, take and use. Intuitively understandable for someone who is used to a paper diary.
Just go, write tasks, if you screwed up, it is clear how to remove.

Buy Me a Pie! -
Convenient and easy to use shopping list.

Convenient and easy to use shopping list.
3 million users worldwide.


  • simple input of products and their quantities;
  • quick and easy navigation through the dictionary of products;
  • Automatically add unfamiliar words to the product dictionary;
  • Automatic grouping of products in the list.
  • cloud synchronization of lists between devices, which allows you to maintain lists with other people in real time;
  • ability to create multiple lists;
  • Created lists can be sent by mail, in a message, printed or duplicated.

Google Keep -

Google service for creating and storing notes.
There is a Russian language and API.
For each task, you can set its priority, access level. The task can be accompanied by a label and text notes.

Comparing with other applications, Google Keep has only basic functions: changing the color of the note, inserting the image and adding new sheets. In Internet version of Google Keep, it is not possible to move items in the list and there is no "Save" button, as this happens automatically after making changes.

Trello -
Board for visual communication with the team.

A board for visual communication with the team.
This is a list of lists filled with cards used by your team or directly by you.

Drag cards between lists to see progress.
Add as many people as you want.
Add or replace the lists as convenient for you.

You will see everything about your project by simply looking at the board, and all the updates take place in real time.
There's nothing to configure and everything happens instantly.

Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box And OneDrive.
Add lists, tags, timelines and ...

Remember the Milk -
The most successful online to-do manager of all I've seen. 'And you escaped the milk!'

One of the most functional services for storing lists of cases.
There is a Russian language and API.
For each task, you can set its priority, access level. The task can be accompanied by a label and text notes.

Variations for

  1. iPhone App Store
  2. Android
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Twitter
  5. MS Outlook
  6. Gmail
  7. and offline access, that is, when there is no Internet.

Receive reminders for

  • email,
  • SMS,
  • via instant messaging systems (supported by Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo!).

Location on the map for tasks

You can add a location on your map for your task to plan the best route.

Work Together

Share and publish tasks and lists with friends or with the world. Remind your loved ones about your household chores that need to be done.

Daily Todo -
Task Managers.

The simplest list of cases for a day, or a few.
Without registration.
Even the address of the page is not needed to remember, however, if it's important, I would keep it.
Only I live not for long, it's not a task planner, but to quickly write things for today or for a week.

MeisterTask -
Intuitive tools for managing projects and tasks on Internet.

An intuitive tool for managing projects and tasks on Internet.
Each project has its own working panel, where we add columns with tasks. Columns can have the status: "In the queue", "In work", "Completed" as the project progresses.

There is a map of thoughts and much, I will not describe, just confuse you.
It is unlikely that everyone You will use it, but you will most likely have the necessary functions.

There is a free fare, but very limited, I would take it as a sampler.

Todoist -
Task Managers.

A popular online task manager.
An intuitive interface.


  • you can add cases,
  • group them into projects,
  • assign labels to them.
  • for better perception, projects can be highlighted in different colors.
  • Create nested to-do lists.
  • tasks can be tagged.
  • To search for tasks in the list, a system of queries and dynamic lists is available.
  • view expired or scheduled tasks, as well as tasks for the next week.
  • Support hotkeys to work with the service.


  1. integration with Gmail,
  2. Firefox sidebar,
  3. mobile access,
  4. Reminders,
  5. labels, Netvibes and the iGoogle widget
  6. and ...

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