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Ships on map

Magisto -
How to shoot a video, the school.

This is a service for processing your video materials, which identifies the most dynamic scenes and glues them into a harmonious video sequence.

Global Fishing Watch -
35 000 fishing vessels on the map.

More than 35 000 fishing vessels on the map. You can see where they are at what time of year. There is time for catching each fish species and place.
Now we will know the most fish places of the whole world!

And in fact, the main task of the site is to help identify poachers.
We are familiar with poachers who fish for themselves, eat and sell to someone.
But a much larger problem is posed by poaching on large ships, it drains the world's fish stocks. Here you can find these here.

Ship Tracker -
All ships on the map in real time.

All ships on the map in real time.

The map shows the location and coordinates of the ships that participate in the program of the International Meteorological Organization and make meteorological measurements.

MarineTraffic -
Ships on the map.

MarineTraffic - ships on the map in real time.
There is a Russian language.


  1. Google map schema,
  2. Google satellite photo map,
  3. OpenStreetMap.
Of course, a lot of information. A normal person does not need that much. I do not know why I need a paid account, I have enough free of charge.

Here information on the ships, they are highlighted in different colors

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