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Search icon

Iconfinder -
Search icons.

Search for quality icons and logo for web developers.
Formats: ICO, PNG.

Findicons -
Search Website of free icons.

Site search for free icons.
Search for icons starts with specifying the keywords that characterize the search. For example, the icon for the "forward" button can be found by querying "forward", "right", "next", "forward arrow", "right arrow", "next arrow", etc.

We recommend starting With one simple word to get enough results for further filtering. If there are too many variants (over a thousand) per keyword, you can add qualifying words to narrow down the search scope, as "arrow" was added to the "forward" in this example. Separate words with spaces.

Flat Icon -
Huge free icon collection in vector - over 200,000.

A huge free collection of icons in the vector - more than 200 000.
Choose a collection, get the content on the screen, you can download only what you need or the entire collection.
H always the whole collection is placed on the page, it needs to be flipped, but if we want to download the entire collection and press 'Download Pack', then we download the whole collection, not just the contents of this page.
What I saw, did not see the filler, for quantity. All icons look stylish.

I usually look at the Facebook icons. Usually the letter A is centered, although in the logo on the right. Here as it is necessary and in social icons I see VK.
That is, the icons are stylish, expressive, quality, fresh.
There is something to choose from, there is a search.


iconmonstr -
Many icons, choose, click and choose the format in which to download: vector, PSD or just GIF.

Many icons, choose, click and choose the format in which to download: vector, PSD or just GIF.

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